Jews say DofI says Jews takeover

July 3, 2011

Jews say the meaning of the Declaration of Independence is that Jews get to take over. Jews get to take over Wall Street. They get to take over Hollywood, the Supreme Court, Harvard, New York City, the media, your department, the GOP, etc. Jews say that what the DofI says is that opposing Jews taking over is anti-Semitism.

Actually, the DofI says that when a foreign group like Jews tries to take you over, then you get to separate from them. The DofI says it is the foreign group that tries to set up despotism over you that is in the wrong. The DofI applied today says that a) Jews are trying to take us over b) Jews are despotic c) Jews use Asians, blacks, Muslims and Latinos to take over d) Whites have the right and the duty to separate from Jews and their Asians, blacks, Muslims and Latinos.

The DofI says Jews don’t have the right to ethnically cleanse Whites. The DofI says that when a group like Jews tries to ethnically cleanse Whites, then Whites have the right and duty to separate from Jews. This is a duty. You have to speak up for it even though you don’t want to or are afraid of the bullying and retaliation.

This is a sacred duty, it is not one you have a moral right to shirk. Jews in Progress by Pesach said their moral and unshirkable duty is immigration forever to ethnically cleanse us. That means it is our moral and unshirable duty to separate from Jews.


2 Responses to “Jews say DofI says Jews takeover”

  1. stand wih Israel Says:

    I agree with everything on your page except what you say about the Jewish people. They bring the country up, rather than down. If only they would wake up about obama hears islam, they would be excellent allies. And protecting Israel is the only way we might be able to keep the Middle East from expanding into Europe (If it’s not too late).

  2. Jkm Jm Says:

    That should be “obama hearts islam.” That’s what I get for trying to be cute.

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