Steve Case AOL More immigrants to take your job

July 3, 2011

Steve Case on CNN State of the Union 12 PM July 3, 2011 said more immigrants.

“In early 2011, he was selected by President Barack Obama to serve as Chairman of the Startup America Partnership [4] and named to the President’s Council on Jobs & Competitiveness. [5]”

Case got in fast on internet email with AOL. It was also a type of social networking and news to begin with or had that appeal. Then he suckered Time Warner to buy it, cheating the Time Warner stockholders. They were fools who parted with their money.

Case is just a sharp business man who seeks opportunities and takes them. He sees an opportunity to take from us with immigration. Same as he saw he could take Time Warner shareholders money with his inflated stock.

We are fools to let him take our country with immigrants to enrich himself.

CNN and ABC Christiane Amanpour are treating July 4 weekend as immigration weekend leading up to immigration day.

This is a lie. They don’t need more immigrants. Nor are the current immigrants Americans in any real sense. They are ethnic cleansers brought here by ethnic cleansers. They are not Americans. We owe them nothing.

Nor do we owe Steve Case. He is not a benefactor of us. He never was. He is just a share business man who sees opportunities for himself at the expense of others.

AOL made it hard for its email to work with those not in it. This was intentional. It was expropriation of people who wanted to use the same internet email address. They thought they got universal email access. But AOL decided to cheat them of it by making that access difficult. They got an inflated stock value by this cheating. Then they used their inflated stock to cheat the shareholders of Time Warner. This is who Steve Case is. He is another version of Madoff.

The above is opinion, speculation or hypotheses. Restate all statements as questions. All other disclaimers apply. Comments and corrections welcome.


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