Aug 2 debt ceiling just say no to occupation

July 17, 2011

Obama and the Democrats are the occupying power or occupying authority. They have been a brutal occupation. They have killed hundreds of thousands of people with blacks and raped over a million. This is a violent and savage occupation.

They use busing, mixed race prisons and dorms, affirmative action and the like to inflict fear of brutal savage attacks by blacks and Latino gangs and Muslims. This has gone on for over 50 years. It is not an accident, it is intended.

We know that it is intended because they have an entire system of hate propaganda towards us. It is in ads, movies, TV shows, jokes, humor, indoctrination, etc. They shriek out in hate and pain as they strike us. This is their pattern over and over again. It is the reality of their occupation.

Their unrelenting hate towards Sarah Palin now transferred to Michele Bachmann is them showing their hate openly to us. Any person who might lead us as a people, they pre-emptively strike with hate. This is especially if it is a woman. This is because they use tactics of fear and intimidation which work best on women.

Thus the unrelenting hate attacks on Sarah Palin. These started from the day she was announced in a huge staccato eruption. They have continued since then and at times flared back up into their hate eruption.

This is the hate of an occupier who has contempt and disdain for the occupied people. That is why they deny we are a people. Names for ourselves like British or American they twist to mean their occupation allies, which is a lie and which is propaganda. Immigrants are not Americans or British or German. They are non-White occupiers and brutal savages meant to ethnically cleanse us.

The chance to say no to this occupation is coming on August 2, 2011. This is the chance to fire a shot heard round the world. Just like King George, the idea itself of a revolt is not in their mind. They have too much contempt for us to think we could revolt. That contempt is earned by our contemptible docility to their setting up their occupation and bringing ethnically cleansing savages to remove us on the street.

The shot heard round the world in 1775 at Lexington is what we will fire off by saying no to the debt ceiling increase. Their occupation is built on debt just like it is built on lies. Their savages can’t support themselves at a first world level. They need Whites to do that.

When we say no to the debt ceiling increase, we are saying no to Whites supporting their savage allies. That is what they don’t believe we are capable of saying. That is what we must say.


2 Responses to “Aug 2 debt ceiling just say no to occupation”

  1. stand wih Israel Says:

    I haddn’t thought of the debt battle in thi way before. Brilliant.

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    Thanks. Also I have a proposal for Israel to buy out all the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank at 1000 dollars a year, half to the new host government and half to the individual. This is contingent on all Palestinians leaving. Jewish per capita income should then rise 10 percent, from 20,000 dollars plus as a base, paying for the annual fee.

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