Pro-White Right has many issues in debt ceiling fight

July 21, 2011

Issues for pro-White Right in the debt ceiling fight.

1. Section 8 housing should be cut and eliminated.

2. Eliminate the diversity visa since it imposes costs on states and the federal government.

3. Diversity mandates on federal contractors, affirmative action, non-discrimination rules on legal entities all impose costs and make no more sense. The total cost imposed by government must be lowered. So these should be eliminated. That will reduce the cost of business including for the government as a purchaser and employer. The dead weight cost of bad employees who can’t be fired quickly is a huge cost. This is the type of cost that weighs down countries like Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Syria. This is part of what led to the Arab Spring, the need of these governments to cover the cost of feather bedding employees who don’t work.

4. Third world immigration imposes costs and must be ended.

5. The federal government’s attempt to control the actions of states, contractors, educational institutions, families and individuals is a failure. All these rules must be ended and their costs saved for those afflicted with these rules.

6. In a larger sense the policy starting with the Civil War of an enlarged federal government controlling states and individuals is a failure. It has to be given up. This means cutting the programs and divisions that do this.

7. Eliminate the Civil Rights Division and turn over its cases to the states.

8. Eliminate the federal role in education including Pell grants.

9. Eliminate the federal role in housing including discrimination laws and pressure on banks to lend to non-Whites.

10. The Democrats impose rules to punish Whites who vote GOP. The GOP must eliminate these rules as the price of a debt ceiling rise. The GOP has to reward Whites for voting GOP. That means eliminating all the Democrat rules that punish Whites for voting GOP. That means the above.

This fight is being fought in the comments section at The Hill.

Many of the above issues have been raised in comments there and not just by this blogger.

The pro-White or alternative right have been mostly AWOL on these issues.


One Response to “Pro-White Right has many issues in debt ceiling fight”

  1. Mr.Mack Anderson Says:

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