This blog condemns the Norway Shootings

July 25, 2011

This blog condemns the Norway shootings. Our prayers and thoughts are with the victims and their families.


9 Responses to “This blog condemns the Norway Shootings”

  1. cabbageroll Says:

    You know what I don’t like about Anders Manifesto….

    It totally speaks to me. I read it and I go “uh huh uh huh” You had a Muslim best friend?? Me too!! You know people with terrible sexual dysfunction?? Me too!!! (I dated a guy….actually several…) You even included your diary and took professional photos of yourself (all my photos on facebook are professional just like his–Same poses…I’ve had them up for 2 years now.) You like Vladimir Putin? ME TOO!

    “Oh Anders, we’re two peas in a pod! You’re my hero!”

    It bugs me. It really really bugs me.

    And you know what else bugs me? I have written in many different places on the internet about this picture that I love. It’s the picture of Arthur bending down to Gwen, and the other of the Knight praying to God.

    So the Knight Templar thing…Totally Speaks to me.

    I feel like this guys manifesto is one big compendium of cabbageroll personality.

    Oh…let’s not forget…The stock market mention…”I’ve been doing stocks since I was 14″ HA!

    Also what bugs me is the “At age 23 I was chosen by a group…” That speaks to me too, especially based upon a joke with the last friend I still talk to.

    Also the whole ‘double life thing’…I did that for many years…to this day only one person knows my secret :)LOL

    So…could it be…that all people have similar personalities?

    But see….here’s the thing….This guy is basically my mental clone. Yet…

    My personality can’t shut the fuck up.

    And that’s where I start to become suspicious.

    I think this thing is targeted to put certain people over the edge. Get them to commit violent acts and Shut Up about the jewish question. Part of his plan is to be quiet about how you really feel when it comes to say like the JQ. To make your views ‘palatable’ Dude, that’s not in the personality. Because you know he ran into the JQ and that his leaving it out was just strategic. But our personality would NEVER do that.

  2. cabbageroll Says:

    A government focus group taking bits of pieces of different personalities from the web to appeal to those same personalities in hope of a) getting them to support Israel b) shut up c) Commit Violence.

    The knight thing is so CWNY.

  3. cabbageroll Says:

    Even the fact that he’s hot bothers me.

    It’s like he’s Meant To Appeal to Me.

  4. cabbageroll Says:

    The truth is I trust Henry Ford. If Henry Ford felt the need to stand on the top of buildings and scream “JQ!!” as the most important thing to talk about.

    Well then, I’m not going to shut up and talk in ‘cultural terms’ while planning assasinations. I’m going to stick with Mr. Ford.

  5. cabbageroll Says:

    – Fertilizer bombs don’t smell like sulfur.

    – Car bombs don’t cause people to get injured by bits of glass blowing outward.

    – The victims were found inside the buildings.

  6. Old Atlantic Says:

    Cabbageroll, Raimondo says that ABB got financing:

  7. cabbageroll Says:

    And who pray tell is the most historically adept at finance/stocks and starting Shell Companies specifically in commodities (in the manifesto Breivik talks about starting a shell mining company)

    Hum de dum de dum…I just don’t know whose been doing that since the 1800s…I just don’t know….

  8. Old Atlantic Says:

    Which group has Whites and Muslims as its enemy?

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