Breivik, World War One, Communists, Drones, Immigrants Double Strike

July 31, 2011

Anders Breivik launched a strike at the young adults of Left wing elites on Utoya Island. The teens and tweens attacked are part of the workers youth league, which was formed from the communist youth league in 1927.

The ministers in their bunkers launch drone and missile strikes at the Muslims in their countries. Those Muslims can’t strike back at the ministers.

The ministers bring the same Muslims they launch missiles at to our countries, where they attack ordinary people. To the Muslims this is striking back at us for our attack.

However, it can also be seen as a double strike by the ministers from their bunker. One strike is with missiles at Muslims in their lands. The second strike is at ordinary people in our lands with Muslims.

What Breivik did was launch a counter strike at the young adults of the elites ordering the double strike. The ministers in their bunkers are out of reach of Muslims or ordinary Whites to get back at. But the young adults of the Left elites were vulnerable.

This is the same change of thinking that happened during World War I. The soldiers fighting in the trenches decided by the end of the war that their common enemy were the ministers. This led to the communist and left revolutions in almost every country involved in the war and flowed over to some others.

The Prime Minister of Norway is from the workers party that arose as part of this trend. He was a member of the AUF youth group attacked on Utoya island that is formed from a communist youth group in 1927.

However, now the workers youth group is the common enemy of Whites and Muslims.
They use the Muslims to strike us, but they are really against us both.

Bin Laden on 9/11 was trying to strike back at elites not just Westerners. This is the point of attacking jets and not trains or buses. They want to get the elites who are vulnerable.

The really high elites were mostly missed on 9/11 in the sense of a George Soros or Bloomberg level person. Just as those people were not on Utoya island, although some may have been close to being there and just missed or there and not hit. This was the same as on 9/11.

The Breivik hit on the vulnerable side of the elites represents a change in consciousness of the people. This is what bothers the elites about it.

They already had that shift in thinking. This is why DHS targets Whites as its main enemy in the way Lawrence Auster was complaining about on the day of the Breivik attack.

Of course, this blog condemns the Breivik attack. Just as the communist revolutions were failures for people after World War One. They are the elites today who are against us. Mencius Moldbug writes that the elites today are basically all communist in Western countries. He means this in the sense of their war on Whites and the White Race.

What bothers elites and DHS today is that any White like Breivik can decide for himself that a strike back at the vulnerable tail of the elites is what makes sense. They can not control all Whites. So when one of them has such a change in consciousness as Breivik did, it is a threat to the elites everywhere.

This is similar to anarchism in the 19th century. It too was lacking in the organization of the communists. Although there is some debate now about the infrastructure of these attacks. Anarchists in the 19th century had a type of infrastructure in the labor movement. There were violent strikes in the 19th century in the US as well as in Europe.

Those led to the left parties including the communists. Ordinary Whites seem to lack anything like such an infrastructure today. They have a few blogs that are not widely read, the Tea Party, which lacks a majority even of Republican members of the House let alone the Senate, and are otherwise still seemingly impossibly far from power.

Moldbug says this means Breivik’s act was immoral. He goes a bit too far in that direction saying voting is something to abstain from. This doesn’t quite make sense, since as pointed out by others there, there is a continuum of steps. This is what the DHS elite types are worried about. Not just Breiviks, but the whole movement for the White Race.

This is draft and preliminary and subject to change. This blog condemns violence including that by Breivik. All other disclaimers apply.


2 Responses to “Breivik, World War One, Communists, Drones, Immigrants Double Strike”

  1. cabbageroll Says:

    We’re basing our thoughts on the assumption that

    Elites Care About Their Children

    But…if the elites cared about their children, or had the ability to plan for future generations–Wouldn’t they be on our side?

    Elites may care about their children in so much as the children are pawns to continue with the work.
    But ultimately it is the work that comes first.

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