German Boehner Irish Catholic Paul Ryan and Civil War III

August 1, 2011

The German Boehner and the Irish Catholic Paul Ryan want to finish off the English. They want to take Medicare from them while still continuing Latino ethnic cleansing immigration. The fake debt ceiling deal does that for them.

They continue to fund section 8 Housing, Pell Grants, the Civil Rights Division (a permanent Civil War against White people) and the other welfare programs that increase the non-White population.

Medicare is something these non-Whites on welfare are not supporting. They are taking and busting it. So are 3rd world immigrants. Irish Catholic Paul Ryan who has an F from NumbersUSA wants to keep the ethnic cleansing immigration of the English so he has to get rid of Medicare. He doesn’t want Medicare anyhow, since English get it.

McConnell is married to an Asian so he has abandoned his race and ethnic group. He supports anything that ethnically cleanses Whites.

Obama is a mixed race so he is against Whites with a hate greater than any.


4 Responses to “German Boehner Irish Catholic Paul Ryan and Civil War III”

  1. Admirer Says:

    C’mon OAL, your English have been sticking it to their own kind (White Europeans) since the civil war. The Irish and Germans weren’t the core abolitionists now, were they? The only difference is that some of the German and Irish elite are getting in on the fun now too! Going back to the old country, do I even have to mention Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and what the English have done to the English? Its depressing isn’t it? This is all punishment for White Christian division and apostasy, and that covers English, Irish, German, Scandinavian, etc.

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    Irish Catholics show up second to you know who in ethnic cleansing of Whites. The Ohio Republican party has also been mostly solid for civil rights except for Whites.

  3. Admirer Says:

    Yeah, we have plenty of Gypo Nolans among us. They don’t represent the average Irish voter by a long shot though. Even some of the clergy was bought off and started teaching holocaustianity instead of the catechism.

    But that doesn’t change the fact that plenty of English americans have been selling out their own kind (both the English and in a greater sense, white Europeans) for years!
    BTW, you give the English credit for Lincoln, who started the imperial presidency and federal government, right? And how about Nelson Aldrich and Robert Owen who gave us the Fed and the federal income tax? For those reasons alone, you English have a BIG head start on the rest of us quislings!

  4. Old Atlantic Says:

    The English have led the way. Satisfied. Boehner the Hun is still a sellout RINO.

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