The RINO art of seduction on the Tea Party

August 2, 2011

Boehner and his cronies seduced the Tea Party freshman in Congress. They met with them each week. They told them they could be an important person by going along with the powerful.

Being an Important Congressman BIC

  1. The speaker smiles on you
  2. Money for re-election
  3. A man on the move
  4. A girl on the side
  5. You are a thoughtful thinker

Not Important Congressman NIC

  1. The speaker frowns on you
  2. Bad office
  3. Ignored on what you want in bills
  4. A security guard discovers illicit images on your computer
  5. They make a copy of your hard drive
  6. You are found to have Nazi associations
  7. You are put on a TSA watch list
  8. A gun is found in your office

Over half of the Frosh voted for the Boehner Bailout Bill.

MARIN COGAN | 8/1/11 8:19 PM EDT

“All told, 59 freshmen voted for the debt bill – two-thirds of the rookie class – and 28 voted against it.”

So if they had stayed together and against it, Boehner would have lost control. They sold out. They were seduced by power. Mencius Moldbug says that seduction is alpha. Satan is the great seducer.


2 Responses to “The RINO art of seduction on the Tea Party”

  1. Admirier Says:

    OAL, the republicans can’t do anything now. Even though anyone who has investigated Obamacare knows that it will be financed in part by “stealing” from medicare to finance latino births, the baby boomers are insane and will vote for the dems if the republicans even mention putting medicare and social security on an actuarially sound basis.

    They will be sorely disappointed if Obama wins and dems take back the house because Obama will be looking to euthanize the white elderly as quickly as possible.

    So with a populace that voted for Obama and facilitated this run-up in debt, how can you blame it solely on the republicans? Heck NO ONE in this country has any backbone anymore, and that includes the military who will do whatever the neocons want, even though the grandchildren of these white generals will be a minority in this country because of the neocons handling of immigration. When everyone is an atomistic careerist looking to live in an insulated gated community this is what happens!

    The fact of the matter is that the political class totally lost respect for the citizenry when they started stealing from social security and no one did anything about it. Heck, they didn’t even whimper when a SCT decision held that no citizens have a property right in their social security contributions because they aren’t retirement fund contributions but really only another tax! Politicians and judges were tarred and feathered in the past for far less, but those days are long past.

    Universal suffrage is unsustainable, especially with such great disparities between classes of voters.

  2. cabbageroll Says:


    One of my Jewish girlfriends just did a spoof of the Tea Parties and the video is being circulated.

    But get this…people who are commenting on the video….Don’t know this is a joke video.

    She just looks like an ass. I feel bad for her, Ivy League educated and easily the dumbest of my acting class. She tries so hard to be something that she just isn’t, so now she has to go the Jew Way of insulting others in order to get ahead.

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