Pro White Right Checks out on debt ceiling fight

August 4, 2011

With some exceptions, the pro-White right was AWOL on the debt ceiling debate. Occidental Dissent is one of the few exceptions. But fighting over specifics like

  1. EBT Cards (1 in 7 Americans uses them)
  2. Section 8 Housing
  3. Civil Rights red tape
  4. Pell Grants

These specifics were mentioned by posters at The Hill, but were ignored by almost all of the pro White right except Occidental Dissent.

Paul Ryan wants to cute Medicare not welfare, education and housing. The latter 3 should be eliminated along with 3rd world immigration to save money.

Paul Ryan is an Irish Catholic with an F from NumbersUSA. He wants to import slaves and save employer’s share on Medicare. To save Medicare, we have to eliminate welfare, Pell Grants and housing aid and civil rights red tape and stop 3rd world immigration.

But the pro-White right can’t point this out. Yet this is the best issue to get White voters to start supporting immigration restriction.

The pro White right doesn’t care and even writes articles about why this fight doesn’t matter because the fix is in anyhow. This is the bad type of cynicism, disabling cynicism. This is the sin of despair as pointed out on Lawrence Auster’s blog recently. Auster woke up to the story after the vote.


One Response to “Pro White Right Checks out on debt ceiling fight”

  1. Vanishing_1 Says:

    These are important issues, but even if these programs were limited to citizens (native-born), to senior citizens with low incomes, that would have saved a lot of money. If we had done that all along then this predicament we are in need never have developed, but I think it was meant to be this way; the programs were deliberately allowed to become huge money pits so as to bring about the spending crisis. Immigration was the big way in which these programs got so out of control, and anybody with sense could have seen it coming years ago.

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