Now, no Muslim nation has a AAA rating.

August 6, 2011

Search Obama America Muslim nation. Obama said America is not a Christian nation
or no more a Christian nation.

Thus it no more has a AAA rating.

It is God’s Will. Call in Pastor Terry Jones and have him burn the Koran instead of Obama burning America’s rating on a pyre of “stimulus and investments”.


2 Responses to “Now, no Muslim nation has a AAA rating.”

  1. cabbageroll Says:

    I’m theorizing…

    After 100 years you know who gained control of the S&P this march this year (jewish german banking family) Henry Ford said that was their goal.

    So who downgraded us? And they said that the S&P was saying that we needed to raise taxes. So is the S&P now dictating US policy?

  2. cabbageroll Says:

    Nope nevermind I’m wrong…

    NYSE. Whoops.

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