Terrorizing the helots, the Crypteia Antifa Flash mobs continue.

August 10, 2011


The teenage boys who demonstrated the most leadership potential were selected for participation in the Crypteia, which acted as a secret police force whose primary goal was to terrorize the general Helot population and murder those who were troublemakers.

The general helot population are middle class and working class Whites. They had become too uppity in the 1950s and 1960s for the elites to tolerate. Very likely from WWI and WWII they had become that way and the oligarchy struck back with 3rd world immigration.

The Crypteia and the leftist Antifa killed by ABB on Utoya island are very close in spirit, form and function.


According to Cartledge, Krypteia members stalked the helot villages and surrounding countryside, spying on the servile population. Their mission was to root-out potential sedition. Troublesome helots could be summarily executed. Such brutal oppression of the helots permitted the Spartans to control the agrarian population and devote themselves to military practice. It may also have contributed to the Spartans’ reputation for stealth since a boy who got caught was punished by whipping.

Only Spartans who had served in the Krypteia as young men could expect to achieve the highest ranks in Spartan society and army. It was felt that only those Spartans who showed the ability and willingness to kill for the state at a young age were worthy to join the leadership in later years.

The Left has many such youth organizations to initiate its future leadership. The Antifa, Peace Corps, Americorps, community organizers, Ayers and Dohrngrade Community Coffee Crypetia-clatches, the list goes on.

The terrorizing of helots is done with Section 8 Housing, Asylum and Refugee, Somalis in Minnesota and the Wisconsin State Fair and in Lewiston Maine.

The Tottenham Terrorism is done by the 3rd world Antifa, anti-fascism terrorists. Muslim terrorists themselves serve this role. They are brought deliberately to terrorize the helots by the ruling oligarchy. This is why David Cameron lets it go on in the UK the same as Eric Holder and Obama let the violent flash mobs go on in the US.



Suppressing the Amren meetings is the same thing.

==Comment posted at Daily Telegraph

These youth mobs are just an extension of United Against Fascism and the Antifa youth leagues in Scandinavia. These go back to the Spartan Crypteia. Terrorist youth are used to control the helots, the work day slaves, i.e. us. They can be leftists, 3rd worlders, Muslims, etc. the function is the same, to keep the helot population in a state of fear.

This is why the oligarch lackey David Cameron is letting them get away with it, to terrorize us fully. This is the response of the oligarchy to Breivik. They are re-imposing their red brigade terror on us. Each different terrorism is just part of this same control mechanism. Its a response to the rise of the middle class over the last few centuries.


Also posted there at about the same spot:

Cameron intentionally stayed on in Tuscany and delayed the meeting of the Cobra committee. They let it spread and continued to let it spread as it spread. This is terror as a policy to keep the helots in check.

They have police policies from Labour intended to allow this violence to happen. It also lets them put CCTV cameras everywhere. Their real target is potential helot Breiviks in waiting.


This could be called the Cameron Terror. These are the Cameron Terror Brigades. The Tottenham Terror uprising is another name. This replaces Muslim terrorism. They keep running them through in cycles.

We are supposed to think the Conservative Party is our friend. This is why Cameron stayed in Tuscany and would not let the Cobra committee meet until he got back from tipping the waitress.

In the same way, Obama and Holder ignore the twitter organizer flash mobs in the US. The Great Community Organizer is pleased with these flash mob attacks. These are his Antifa youth dream come true. They have many Barack Hussein Obamas on Utoya island each year. They are the Antifa future leaders they have not been waiting for but carefully train. This is just as the Spartan youth were trained to kill helots in terrorism as part of the crypteia.

Totally random or only partly?

1. Breivik shoots youth Antifa at Utoya Island, where they train Fatah youth terrorists.

2. Murdoch called in to be grilled over phone hacking, i.e. the risk of exposing oligarchy secrets.

3. Youth uprising in London.

4. Police don’t respond vigorously.

5. It spreads.

6. Prime Minister stays on holiday.

7. No Cobra meeting until he gets back.

8. No use of the army, water cannons or even real bullets. They have to use plastic bullets and even that seems to be off and on.

We also get the dual good cop bad cop routine of the Labour and Conservative parties. Labour brings the thugs from the third world and the Conservatives crack down on their crime and welfare. But the conservatives limit government goodies to us which the Left parties give out. They split up the good cop bad cop so each party is half good cop on something and half bad cop on something else.

This is why cities, empires and civilizations fall. This is why races fall. The oligarchy is so busy playing this game and so short sighted they don’t care.

Spartans killed the smart and fit helots to keep them as slaves. This was dysgenic. The helots were the majority of the population. So the decline of their own gene pool was programmed in by Sparta. So they fell.

Life and evolution find a way. These oligarchs are harmful and so are constantly being overthrown by silent helot majorities who can’t take it anymore. But eventually, the civilizations fall. Whether it is Sparta or the Soviet Union or Cameron’s England or Obama’s America.

== From Daily Telegraph comment thread

Mark Anthony
1 hour ago
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26 people

Just on BBC, the reporter showed the first “Moron”
out of Highbury Magistrates Court this morning (because his case is referred to
Crown Court for sentencing) who’s pleaded Guilty to looting.

Now I hear you ask is he disaffected. Is he disillusioned? Is He struggling to
get work & is part of an underclass?

Well, No! He’s a PRIMARY SCHOOL worker, and an x Labour party councillor so all
you lefty liberal bleeding hearts, I ask what’s his reason for looting and

You recommended this
1 hour ago
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7 people
Socialist insurgency. We are at war and people don’t even see it.
You recommended this
9 minutes ago
Well dogboy Dont uk desperatly need an insurgency.
This led by uneducated yoovs. Where are the academics, politicians, business people…… !
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1 hour ago
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5 people
Solidari’ee wiv da Kidz innit?
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1 hour ago
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4 people
word, brov.
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8 minutes ago
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56 minutes ago
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2 people
Maybe he his sick to death of having to read your boring wittering drivel that you constantly spout out and wanted to be locked up away from it!
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47 minutes ago
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2 people
As you are so obviously one of the lefty liberal bleeding hearts that Mark describes in his post drzoidburgh, answer the question. You can’t though can you, so you have to resort to spouting utter drivel of your own.
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44 minutes ago
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1 person
More likely he wanted some free trainers.
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12 minutes ago
I expect this fellow is trembling in his trainers

My comment added after copying above

This reinforces the view that these riots are simply another form of terrorism like Muslim terrorism, Red Brigades, communist youth leagues, Antifa, UAF, and which serve the same purpose as the Spartan crypteia, to terrorize and control the helots, the working and middle classes.

==Another comment

40 minutes ago
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18 people
Thunderb0lt’s plan for making Britain great again:

1) Stop granting asylum to anyone outwith the British Isles.

2) Cease immigration for 10 years, and within that time repatriate all people outwith the EU to their countries of origin.

3) Cease all immigration from Africa and the Middle East.

4) Bring traditional gender roles back to the UK. Teachers should reward boys for being boys and girls for being girls. Boys should not be prescribed ritalin for acting like boys.

5) Stop the promotion of homosexuality and ban transgenderism.

6) Bring back a grants system for attending university, so that only the people with the top grades are able to go into academia. All-must-win-prizes approach must be abolished.

7) Reduce number of university places while simultaneously building more technical colleges which will teach practical mechanics and engineering.

8) Lower tax across the board.

9) Put trading tariffs on cheap foreign goods.

10) Restore national identity and national pride, abolish the political correctness and racism industries.

11) Stop indoctrination of kids with global warming bollocks. Let the free market sort out changes in energy production and stop peddling lies and stop green taxes.

12) Slowly decrease the size of the public sector while the private sector grows through reduced regulation, bureaucracy and taxation.

13) Keep police, fire brigade and prison service employment at current levels, because my previous policies will ensure crime will decrease.

Have I left anything out?
You recommended this
0 minutes ago
If some party would copy this, they would have a popular program.
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somewhere between comment 10325 and 10451.


The current crypteia and going all the way back could be called the terror of control or control terrorism. Foreign populations are an inherent part of divide and rule and of the terrorism of control.

Bill Gates was a screamer and control freak. He would have hours long control freak screaming sessions according to Paul Allen. He would go behind people’s backs. He tried to cheat Allen out of part of his share percentage by dilution. Bill Gates pushes H-1b. He gets to testify to Congress himself. He said he didn’t know so many times during the anti-trust case against Microsoft that some people thought he had lied. His emails were full of control language.

Mayor Bloomberg is an extreme advocate of H-1b. The New York school system was using H-1b or foreign labor for something according to Vdare, although I forget the details.

The oligarchy is almost uniform in support of H-1b and immigration. After each terrorist act by immigrants or riots they blame the victim and play the bigot and racist cards pre-emptively. Peter Jennings did that on the same day news coverage of 9/11/2001.


3 Responses to “Terrorizing the helots, the Crypteia Antifa Flash mobs continue.”

  1. cabbageroll Says:

    If you go to the Nick Griffin MEP on twitter, or to simondarby.blogspot.com

    They sent in Welsh police with armoured vehicles into all white Eltham where there was no rioting. Then said it was because “a racist epithet was heard”


  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    Thanks for posting this. Brits are the real enemy of the Left oligarchy.

  3. Vanishing_1 Says:

    Good post, interesting comments on those links.

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