West Memphis Three Amanda Knox Mr. Bojangles Complex

August 19, 2011




“Mr. Bojangles”

The sighting of a black male as a possible alternate suspect was implied during the beginning of the trial, at which time the possibility of conviction of the initial suspects seemed slim. According to local West Memphis police officers, on the evening of 5 May 1993, at 8:42 pm, workers in the Bojangles’ restaurant about a mile from the crime scene (a direct route through the bayou where the children were found) in Robin Hood Hills reported seeing a black male “dazed and covered with blood and mud” inside the ladies’ room of the restaurant. Defense attorneys later referred to this man as “Mr. Bojangles.”[10]

The man was bleeding from his arm and brushed against the walls. The man had defecated on himself and on the floor. The police were called, but the man left the scene. Officer Regina Meeks responded (by inquiring at the drive through window) about 45 minutes later. By then, the man had left and police did not enter the restroom on that date.

The following day, when the victims were found, Bojangles’ manager Marty King, thinking there was a possible connection between the bloody, disoriented man and the killings, called police twice to inform them of his suspicions. According to Regina Meeks’ testimony during the Echols/Baldwin Trial, after the second telephone call, police gathered evidence from the restroom.[citation needed] Investigators wore their same shoes and clothes from the Robin Hood Hills crime scene into the Bojangles restaurant bathroom, conceivably contaminating that scene.[citation needed] Police detective Bryn Ridge later stated he lost the blood scrapings taken from the walls and tiles of the restroom.[citation needed] A hair identified as belonging to an African-American male was later recovered from a sheet which was used to wrap one of the victims.[9]


Italian investigators diligently collected evidence from the victim and the room where the bloody murder occurred — more than 100 samples of DNA, including a rape kit, clothes and even feces left in an unflushed toilet.

The violent knife attack descriptions also read in parallel.

1. Violent knife attacks on Whites.

2. Sexual element.

3. Feces issues.

4. Dirty scenes and aftermath.

5. Flee the scene.

6. Whites accused by PC prosecutors.

7. Innocent Whites convicted and spend years in prison.

8. Black did it alone.

“There’s a great amount of DNA … and it is all Rudy Guede’s,” Hampikian said. A bloody handprint on a wall and the feces were Guede’s, he said.



The boys’ naked bodies were mutilated and left in a ditch, hog-tied with their shoelaces.

In summary, the West Memphis case parallels Amanda Knox. Mr. Bojangles = Rudy Guede. Everything in their behavior is the same. The brutal knife murder. The toilet issues including feces. Fleeing the scene. These were hate crimes against Whites in both cases. Liberal Dems and Jindal Republicans can’t admit the truth whether in Memphis or Italy.


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