Tea Party Klan Nazi Horst Wessel Lied

August 29, 2011

“Obama Where Art Thou?” – A Tea Party Rally


The above has the Horst Wessel song starting in the middle with the Tea Party Klan.

Horst Wessel with German and English words.

Tea party uber alles

a boot stamping on a human face forever.

Tea Party Debates Racism & White Supremacy

TEA PARTY RACISM: What The Media Won’t Show You About Teabagger Racism

GLENN BECK’S RALLY: What The Media Won’t Show You – Teabagger Bigots

Bill Maher on the Tea Baggers Pining for the 1950s

The Horst Wessel Song – The Nuremberg Congress

Above mesmerizes Libs. They try to outdo Leni Riefenstahl by painting the Tea Party as the same.

Panzerlied. Battle of the Bulge.

The German army still uses this song.

Deutschland über alles, Nazi Germany Beautiful Anthem


Adolf hitler at Hohenfriedberg on 15 July 1932

5 minutes into above video, shows GOP Pope etc as Nazis. Ends with Sanford and Son.

The Truth about the Tea Party


Tea Party’s Most Offensive & Racist Signs



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