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NYPD cops mace attractive White women they can’t have.

September 25, 2011

Black lawyers in the Civil Rights Division under Black Eric Holder won’t do anything about this violation of White women’s civil rights by frustrated NYPD male cops.

Do these cops look at this video later in their office or apartment for purposes of gratification? What about the higher ups in the NYPD? Police Commissioners? Mayor Bloomberg? They should be asked that in court going into specific detail.

Perhaps the way Santorum’s name was given a meaning, the act of cops or commissioners or mayors looking at such a video of cops abusing attractive White women for purposes of gratification should be called a Bloomberg. Doing the Bloomberg. Bloomberging.


NBA postpones start of rape training camps

September 23, 2011

The NBA usually finds White girls headed towards the Peace Corps and Americorps to use as subjects, but his has proved more difficult this year. Because of this 43 preseason games were canceled.,0,666604.story

However, many large public school systems volunteered cheer leading squads. College dorms were then suggested by the Council of Diversity College Presidents to fill the void.

ATD Acute Tolerance Disorder

September 21, 2011

Acute Tolerance Disorder, ATD, is an affliction that renders its victim helpless to predators and invaders as well as confidence men of all types. These pests can also take control of media, education, government, law firms, corporations, schools, and even families and use that to spread the disorder to render their victims even more helpless.

ATD is characterized by

Anxiety over intolerance.

Excessive concern over the feelings of those fundamentally hostile.

Placing outgroup feelings over ingroup feelings.

Labeling common sense defense mechanisms as bigotry.

In extreme cases, forms of human sacrifice have been observed.

ATD can be cured with difficulty. Among the methods are:

Linking violent behavior to race.

Linking other asocial behavior to race.

Not giving into pressure to go along with anti-racism.

Speaking up against victimization of own group.

Supporting organizations and groups acting for own group.

Not supporting organizations and groups that oppose own group.

Are people ever really cured of ATD? It does not appear to be except in rare cases. The ambient level of ATD is at toxic levels in ATD societies. ATD is managed not cured.

ATD is deadly and can lead to a wide range of pathologies that degrade the quality of life. These are substantial and are a major health and environmental risk for the ATD susceptible.

I like Perry cause he’s stupid like me.

September 19, 2011

I like Perry cause he’s stupid like me.
Stupid like me. Stupid like me. Stupid like me.
I like Perry cause he’s stupid like me.

Perry gonna give my job to a Mexican.
A Mexican who is stupid like me. Stupid like me.
A Mexican who votes against Perry and who is stupid like me.

Muslim incident at Rye Playland

September 1, 2011

The Muslims came out of the park and saw before them an array of police power. Before them stood rows of police officers. Clean shaven White men their eyes gleaming as they stood holding their batons. Some held the leashes of police dogs, German shepherds.

A few officers had their hands on their guns, Barney Fife style. Others held shotguns. They stood in front of an array of muscle cars and vans, Paddy wagons they would have been called reflecting prior waves of police bigotry.

The Muslims knew this would not end well. They began to pray. Women begged the police to spare their children. But all they got in return was an eery silence as the police stood tall in their uniforms and boots. Standing behind badges that had been polished to match their batons and boots.

Finally, an old wizened White police captain voice croaked. “Muslims, you know we have to teach you a lesson.” There was a sharp intake of breath by the Muslims. This was like a voice out of time from deep in America’s worst racial past.

At this point, no one knows from where, a sharp noise was heard. Later some said it came from the park, machinery or something clanking along in the empty park. Wherever it came from, it became the signal for the police to close in. Soon the Muslims were being taught their lesson. The men took it stoically, and even most of the women. Less so the children. At last it was over.

This is what Libs think actually happened. Muslims invented this. It never happened. But the Left media spread it as if it did.

From the Patch article

Satta Sarmah (who is black from a photo on one page)

6:55am on Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Please see my comment on the previous article about why the thread was shut down. You a free to comment here—if you stick to the issue at hand. Name-calling and questioning mine or the other editors’ journalistic integrity is uncalled for. Plenty of our other commenters had no problem debating the issue and focusing on the incident. I personally don’t care about your opinions concerning Sharia law and Osama Bin Laden because they have no relevance to the Playland incident. That is the point we were trying to make. I did not delete your previous comments, but I did shut down the thread because we could see that the conversation was taking a turn. We just ask that everyone be civil.

If you read the Patch article it reads as much creative writing as what is written above.
From Rawstory:

A statement from the Westchester County Executive’s Office claimed that two park rangers were injured “[i]n the course of restoring calm” after a disagreement broke out between some of the Muslim men and women.

But the version of events park patrons described to Patch was significantly different.

They say that police used excessive force by tackling and beating one of the women with batons as she lay on the ground. Others defending the woman were also beaten.

“I don’t give **** about your culture,” one female officer reportedly told one of the Muslim women.

The Patch article according to Raw Story has this very different version from the police, Fox (and really from what happened.) The Patch article has many writing touches.

Most of the women in the group gathered around the fountain wore the scarves over their hair, tightly across their foreheads, and inside the park, women could also be seen wearing veils that covered their faces.

Was the “reporter” there to see this? Did the Muslim women say this? “tightly across their foreheads,”?

From Patch:

Word was quickly relayed to two of the parents, sitting crosslegged in front of the fountain. Some of the men said they should leave, others insisting they should stay put. The mother promised she would not leave the park until her children were brought back by the police officers who took them away. The father rose from his seated vigil, pondering what to do next.

Reporting or create writing workshop? You decide.

The creative writing article is from August 31 at Patch.
” By Renea Henry
Email the author
August 31, 2011

Before this an article with 4 authors was published at Patch.
By William Demarest, Zach Oliva, Nik Bonopartis, and Renea Henry
Email the authors
August 30, 2011

Aug 30 version

At least 60 police vehicles from eight surrounding departments quickly arrived at the park and park visitors say they thought that as many as 20 or more people were taken away from the park by police.

Aug 31 version

Just yards away outside the park’s entrance gate, a row of Westchester County police stood in helmets and protective vests. More than 40 law enforcement vehicles, cruisers and SUVs, even canine units, from municipalities across the county, lined the entry road to the amusement park. Even more law enforcement officers blocked park access roads in all directions. And there at the front gate of the park, a row of police officers stood on one side of a barricade and while the group of Muslim patrons sat and milled about on the other. Behind it all, the rides continued. Children bounced on the Jump N’Bean ride and other Muslim patrons, not part of the group, walked in and out of the gates of the park.

Was it 60 or 40?

Why was the article with the details about the scarves tightly wrapped around their heads published by the sole reporter on August 31, the day after the 4 reporters wrote the first article on the incident? Was the Aug 31 sole reporter there at the park the afternoon it happened to see these details of scarves tightly on heads? To see the men pondering what to do next as they sat cross legged? Where did these details come from for the Aug 31 sole authored version and not in the Aug 30 4 person version?

If the Aug 31 version was written by a reporter actually there to see this, why didn’t they write the first article themselves?

Or did the 4 reporters on the first article interview witnesses after this day was over and none of the 4 were there on the day it happened? So they talked to people afterwards to put together what happened? That is why it took 4 to do it? The 4 reporters talked to many people and put together their version in the first Aug 30 article? Then one of them decided to do a creative writing version on Aug 31 as if she had been there on the day it happened to see the scarves tightly on the foreheads and to see the cross legged men pondering?

== Phrases from Aug 30 article

The dispute broke out at about 2:30 p.m. near the park’s entrance between members of the Muslim American Society of New York, according to Peter Tartaglia, deputy commissioner of Westchester County Parks. Fighting began when they were told they would be denied access to certain rides if they wore religious garb, Tartaglia said.

This information came from Tartaglia. It would appear none of the 4 reporters were there at 2:30 PM on Tuesday Aug 30, 2011, and that includes Renea Henry who sole wrote the Aug 31 2011 version.

Two seasonal officers were injured while joining Westchester County Police who were trying to break up the scuffle, he said.

He said.

The park and its rides remained open Tuesday, but new visitors were not being allowed into the park. Tartaglia said no one inside was asked to leave the park.

Members of the Muslim American Society of New York said

Members of the group said

Park officials dispute this,

Tartaglia said

said Tartaglia

and so it continues talking about who said what.

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