ATD Acute Tolerance Disorder

September 21, 2011

Acute Tolerance Disorder, ATD, is an affliction that renders its victim helpless to predators and invaders as well as confidence men of all types. These pests can also take control of media, education, government, law firms, corporations, schools, and even families and use that to spread the disorder to render their victims even more helpless.

ATD is characterized by

Anxiety over intolerance.

Excessive concern over the feelings of those fundamentally hostile.

Placing outgroup feelings over ingroup feelings.

Labeling common sense defense mechanisms as bigotry.

In extreme cases, forms of human sacrifice have been observed.

ATD can be cured with difficulty. Among the methods are:

Linking violent behavior to race.

Linking other asocial behavior to race.

Not giving into pressure to go along with anti-racism.

Speaking up against victimization of own group.

Supporting organizations and groups acting for own group.

Not supporting organizations and groups that oppose own group.

Are people ever really cured of ATD? It does not appear to be except in rare cases. The ambient level of ATD is at toxic levels in ATD societies. ATD is managed not cured.

ATD is deadly and can lead to a wide range of pathologies that degrade the quality of life. These are substantial and are a major health and environmental risk for the ATD susceptible.


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