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Missing Ohio monkey eaten at Chinese restaurant

October 19, 2011

Search Chinese live monkey brain.


Romney Loves Legal Immigration Wants all the 4 1/2 million legal immigrants now in line

October 18, 2011

Former Mass governor Mitt Romney said at the Las Vegas GOP debate that he loves legal immigration and wants all of the 4 1/2 million people now in line for immigration to come here.

This man is not for us. He is against us. We need to stop legal immigration to save jobs, schools and Medicare.

Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973. The top 1 percent get 25 percent of national income now as before the 1924 immigration restriction. That fell to 9 percent under immigration restriction by c. 1970.

The real Romney said the Confederate Flag is a symbol of hate. The real Romney says White Protestants who say Mormons are not Christians are bigots. This is the kernel of Romney’s hate for us and his intention to ethnically cleanse us with non-White immigration in the millions.

This is despite failing schools, bankrupt ERs, the financial problems of Medicare and Medicaid and the general failure of every institution overwhelmed by poor immigrants and their children born here.

Romney truly hates White Protestants as bigots. Romney truly hates Southern Whites as haters. This will never change. Romney will use every chance he gets to destroy us.

That includes appointment of judges. A new parade of Kagans and Sotomayors who hate White Protestants just like Romney does. That will be the Romney criterion of appointing judges, that they think White Protestants are bigots who need to be replaced.


CNN Fake World v Actual

October 12, 2011

CNN Islam is moderate. Actual is not.

CNN Mormonism is the same as Christianity. Actual is not.

CNN religion doesn’t even let you vote for a candidate based on religion. Actual does.

CNN race same. Except Obama. Except not Obama. Except ….

Steve Jobs Wall St Silicon Valley Elite among most evil in history

October 10, 2011

Child labor in China.

Vindictive legal persecution of teen blogger.

Hate filled corporate management style.

No loyalty to workers in US.

Encourage spread of STDs like never before in history as their substitute for meaning

Why Romney thinks White Protestants are bigots

October 10, 2011

White Protestants consider Mormons not Christian and a cult. They have also restricted their actions in some cases. They forced them to go to Utah. Thus White Protestants are bigots.

Thus Mormon leaders like Romney and Huntsman are anti-White and for non-White immigration. Mormons think they are immune because they have large families. Like they would not run out of land as Hispanics take it.

Romney and Huntsman think Mormons win against White Protestants even though men’s median wages are the same as in 1973 hits Mormons as well as White Protestants. China getting our know-how and our losing manufacturing hits Mormons as well as White Protestants.

Romney admits faith in Wall Street comes first

October 9, 2011

In a startling move to reassure Southern Manhattan Baptists donors, Romney said his faith in Wall Street came before his LDS faith. Mammon before Mormon he quipped on CNN.

CNN Inquistion on Who is a Christian Intolerance

October 9, 2011

Candy Crowley on CNN conducted an inquisition against Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain over Mormons being Christians. CNN in intolerant tones in effect declared that

CNN decides who is Christian.

CNN has decided Mormons are Christian.

Anyone who disagrees is an intolerant bigot who is excommunicated from political life permanently and banished.

Religion does not mean anything, CNN’s Liberal Faith is absolute and covers every aspect of life with no room left for any competing faith.

Christians have no right whatsoever to decide who is Christian or what Christianity means if it means anything like some people are not Christian.

If Mormons still excluded blacks, then they would be excommunicated from politics and Romney and Huntsman would have to denounce their own faith.


Suppose someone started the Mormon Coffee Shack. They announce it is ok for Mormons to drink coffee as long as they do it at MCS or use MCS brand coffee at home.

The Mormon Church then denounces them as not Mormons. Who is right?


Also Jack Mormon Brewing Company.

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