Steve Jobs Wall St Silicon Valley Elite among most evil in history

October 10, 2011

Child labor in China.

Vindictive legal persecution of teen blogger.

Hate filled corporate management style.

No loyalty to workers in US.

Encourage spread of STDs like never before in history as their substitute for meaning


3 Responses to “Steve Jobs Wall St Silicon Valley Elite among most evil in history”

  1. Justin Says:

    You can count on the fact that if someone is lauded by the establishment, he is a total S.O.B. Its like an iron law.

  2. oldatlantic Says:

    You are right. Good law.

  3. cabbageroll Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with cussing people out, blackmailing them, badgering them, or belittling them. If someone’s work is ‘shit’ they should know it.

    All’s fair in love and war. (And frankly it’s the only way to get things done.)

    Steve Jobs was a piece of shit for denying his first born child. He knows it and I know it. Nothing wrong with calling him out on it.

    Now do I want someone to talk to me that way? Heheh no please don’t make harsh statements to cabbagerolll, I think I’m going to cry, my ego is so fragile, I’m just an innocent girl!…*sob sob*

    That’s what’s nice about being on top…You can belittle others but when they belittle you back you can have them silenced. More reason to be on top 🙂

    Now the child labor…not cool…but that’s China’s problem not Jobs.

    Job’s problem was not hiring Americans. Fucker.

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