Debate Bachmann says America does have an immigration problem

November 9, 2011

Wait for Romney to say, we don’t have an immigration problem, we have an illegal immigration problem. Romney loves immigration.

Maria Bartiromo asks Cain about his behavior. Cain says he will forgive White America for its racism in listening to the White women he harassed.

Romney spiels the Bain Faith.

There is real excitement in this room. We don’t need the gubermint at all. Romney for CEO. Enough with this president stuff. Just get rid of it.

Gingrich: We are the 1 percent and you aren’t.

Crowd erupts in applause.

Maria takes on Gingrich. Gingrich sidesteps. Maria smiles.

The love fest continues. Woodstock 1 percent style.

Santorum: Frack the world. Who cares if there are earthquakes or volcanoes triggered. We are creating jobs.

Income mobility. Bill Gates went from Harvard undergrad to the top of the 1 percent.

Maria: Why cut taxes on rich to Cain.

Cain: 999. Simple. 999. Transparent. 999. Fair 999. Every woman gets treated the same. 999 and counting. 9 percent national sales tax. Even when you pay after striking out.

Romney: 26 million out of work. Median incomes dropped 10 percent in last 3 years. Tax break on middle income Americans. Lower tax rate on middle Americans. Not eliminating progressive.

Bachmann: Obama plan nothing. General Axelrod for orders. 53 percent pay federal income tax. 47 percent pay no federal income tax. Everyone pays something in my plan. Pay at least 10 dollars, price of two happy meals each year.

Maria to Ron Paul: Close agencies. Where do jobs go? Paul: Disease is spending. Cut 1 trillion out of budget in 5 departments.


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