Live Blogging the GOP Debate Nov 12 2011

November 12, 2011

Cain: Economic sanctions on Iran.

Romney: Iran Obama failure. Credible threat of military action. Willing to take military action if final analysis shows needed. Iran will not have a nuclear weapon if elect Iran. Will have one if Obama elected. If all else fails, then take military action. Unacceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapon.

Gingrich: Both answers superior to current administration. Maximum covert operations to block Iranian program. Take out scientists. Take out their systems. Deniable. Audience displeasure. Every aspect short of war to break regime. Take military action if have to.

Paul: Not worth going to war with Iran. Have to go to Congress. Same war propaganda against Iraq going on against Iran. If do, get a declaration of war, fight it and win it.

Perry: On Iran, sanction Iranian central bank right now and shut down their economy.

Perry on Afghanistan: Complete the mission there.


Gingrich says Pakistan and Iran more important than Afghanistan.

Cain: Don’t know if Pakistan is friend or foe. Re-evaluate Pakistan relationship. What commitment is Pakistan willing to make to show they are a friend or foe? Regional strategy.

Perry: Foreign aid for each country starts at zero dollars. Pakistan sending messages that they don’t deserve our foreign aid. No to foreign aid to Pakistan. Military and secret service running that country.

Bachmann: Keep foreign aid to Pakistan. Pakistan has nuclear weapon.

Gingrich: Pakistan zero aid. Aid to Egypt completely rethink. Arab Spring may be anti-Christian spring. Intervene on behalf of Coptic Christians. Not support a regime hostile to religions other than Islam.

Santorum: Disagree with others on cutting aid to Pakistan. Pakistan must be our friend.
(Appeaser.) Must (appease) get over with Saudi Arabia (that they attacked us on 9/11 in effect).


Gingrich wins the debate.

Perry sounds like a little boy talking with the grownups.

Romney stands strong against China. No trade if they attack our computers.

Huntsman says let them attack our computers in effect, steal our patents and infiltrate our country. Hunstman is a despicable appeaser. Huntsman says we should depend on Chinese dissident bloggers to represent our interests and stop the attacks on our computers, stealing, poisoning food and Christmas toys, etc. Huntsman adopted some Asian children and this guy can’t be trusted. Huntsman can’t be vp or the candidate next time. No to Huntsman, Yes to America.


2 Responses to “Live Blogging the GOP Debate Nov 12 2011”

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  2. Eli Muir Says:

    I agree with your summary as well. Gingrich was the clear winner of this debate. He brought the hammer when it was needed.

    Perry… while he is willing to show humility, he is not not anywhere close to the level of the other players on the stage.

    I find Huntsman to be a RINO. From what I’ve seen of his comments, his actions would do nothing positive for the nation. Also, if he is so proud for all of the time that he has spent living outside of the US why doesn’t he go an find residence elsewhere.

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