No to Krieble Gingrich Amnesty

November 22, 2011

Gingrich had his Perry moment. Gingrich said you can’t send people back if they go to church or have been here a few years or have a job or a child here. Yes we can. No to Gingrich.

After the debate, Bachmann said Gingrich had a D- on immigration without naming NumbersUSA. This is good visibility. Bachmann did support visas for engineers. This was very disappointing and made me wonder if the Republicans could ever be a party for The White People. The answer seems to be no. Just like it has been.

Santorum said he was a child of immigrants and went on about that. No to Santorum.

Romney said visas for any foreign engineer who wants to work for Boeing and head up WMD for the FBI and help China get our secrets. Romney said those are the smart people we want here. No we don’t.

As to profiling Muslims. They don’t have to fly here at all. Let’s have a no fly zone for Muslims in America. They can leave and the politicians who brought them go with them, voluntarily of course.

Aid to Africa. Bill Gates has promised he won’t give a penny to any White person because he resents the DOJ under White people holding him to account for his massive violations of the antitrust law. Gates should have been criminally prosecuted for perjury. Let Gates pay for aid to Africa. We don’t need to.

Ron Paul said don’t give any benefits to immigrants and kill welfare. Good for him.

Romney said no amnesty or legalization.

Perry said secure the border and then give them amnesty. So for Perry securing the border means as soon as they get past the border and they are not deported while we are waiting for the border to be secured. This is Obama amnesty.

When have we had a president with 2 relatives illegally in the country and the DOJ-DHS then gave out an amnesty. LOL at these GOPers for not bringing that up. Cowards. Naturally CNN did not mention it, they are in the tank for Obama the son of immigrants like Santorum.


3 Responses to “No to Krieble Gingrich Amnesty”

  1. Hail Says:

    Santorum said he was a child of immigrants

    According to Wiki, his father was born in Italy. His mother is of Italian and Irish ancestry.

    75% Italian,
    25% Irish-Catholic,
    100% in agreement with the Roman Catholic Church on Immigration policy.

  2. Hail Says:

    NumbersUSA’s grades seem very reliable:

    Bachmann leads the group with a B-
    Romney is #2 with a C-

    Perry, Gingrich, and Santorum all have D- or lower.

  3. flippityfloppity Says:

    unfortunately, immigration/border security aka national sovereignity does not appear to be an important issue. We are trending towards “anybody but Obama” and this is not in America’s best interest. can we trust anything Romney says at this point? even if bachmann were an A+, its like my daughter coming home and pointing to her A+ in english… yes, but that’s what I expect, how are the other grades?

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