Gingrich Romney vision is Smart Asians replace Whites

December 2, 2011

The big vision of Gingrich and Romney is what? They don’t seem to have a big issue they push. So what is it they believe? What is their vision of the future America? What is our problem and what is their solution?

To Gingrich Romney the problem is White people. To them the solution is smart Asians taking every technical job in the economy. This includes engineer, computer programmer, scientist, doctor, and even teacher and bureaucrat.

What happens to Whites? They miscegenate with blacks and/or hide in the hills. But eventually they will be Ruby Ridged into extinction and replacement.

Gingrich Romney are 21st century abolitionist reconstructionists over the entire White Race. If you vote for them, that is what you vote for.


One Response to “Gingrich Romney vision is Smart Asians replace Whites”

  1. Hail Says:

    Romney has a very good grade on immigration-restriction according to NumbersUSA. It could be much worse than Romney.

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