Romney will pass Gingrich on Dec 30 2011

December 11, 2011

Gingrich has peaked and is headed down. If you look at Real Clear Politics GOP poll average graph, you can move the cursor to when Perry passed Romney around Aug 23 2011. Move your cursor until the colors flip at top.

Perry peaked 9/13. So 21 days By Oct 4, Romney passes Perry. That is 21 days again.

Gingrich passed Romney 11/21. Gingrich peaked 12/09, which is 18 days. If we go forward 21 days, Romney will pass Gingrich on Dec 30.

Gingrich has everyone against him. The anti-immigration wing of GOP, his former House colleagues, the anti-corruption, and the MSM. No one advocates for Gingrich. He will drop even faster than Perry.

I posted this at the Hill on Dec 11, 2011 at 4:14 PM.

See around page 2 or 3.

==Gingrich has already said his self destructive lines:

He was FHLMC’s historian for 1 million a year.

No one is sending 25 year illegals home.

Palestinians are not a people.

Triple H-1b.

Child labor.

== The Iowa Debate Dec 10, 2011 was devastating to Gingrich despite the current Media in favor of it.

1. Ron Paul emphasized the FHLMC corruption charge against Gingrich. Ron Paul is the anti-corruption candidate and the conscience of the GOP in the race. Ron Paul is St. Paul when it comes to corruption. Gingrich is the opposite of St. Paul on corruption. This alone is terminal for Gingrich. This is like an arrow that is embedded in him and that he can’t get out.

2. Perry said cheat on your wife, cheat on your business partner. None of them is divorced except Gingrich twice. Gingrich divorced one wife while she had cancer.

3. Gingrich persisted in amnesty.

4. Gingrich said before the debate the Palestinians were not a people. He persisted in the debate with this. Gingrich had no other new thing to say in the debate, so all people will remember of his positive program is this, i.e. what Gingrich chose to push in the debate and make his signature of his own choice for that debate was the Palestinians are not a people. This is called going off message. Gingrich did it at the wrong time just before this Iowa debate, while he had nothing new to say that was positive.


Video and comments:

Comment at The Hill

Newt was getting paid by the government-sponsored entity (Freddie Mac) for his influence-peddling skills. Even Newt couldn’t stop himself from laughing at the absurdity of his claim that this was an example of his work in “the private sector.”BY Tim White on 12/11/2011 at 14:21


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