For I am a Pakistan Truther

December 18, 2011

Pakistan bin Laden Truther, someone who thinks Pakistan knew it was holding bin Laden in a safe house they built themselves specifically to hide a tall man in their safest city.

Pakistan Truther: Pakistan was involved in 9/11 and has been our enemy since then.

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A Pakistan Truther I am I am, a Pakistan Truther I am.

Fareed Zakaria interviews his superior officer in the Pakistan ISI General Gul on 9/11

Pakistan ISI general Hamid Gul says al Qaeda did not do 9/11. Says neocons did it, inside job.

Major Zakaria: Who was at the heart of 9/11?

General Gul: Planned in America.

Major Zakaria: Zionist conspiracy?

General Gul: There are those people who are very ambitious. Fear and ambition come together … Zionists.

Major Zakaria then disavows his commanding officers views to preserve his cover.


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