Governors know that poor immigrants bankrupt states.

January 7, 2012

Governors in the modern welfare state era know that millions of poor immigrants bankrupt states.

FDR was a governor and started the modern welfare state in the US.

Truman, not a governor.

Eisenhower was not a governor, but he knew poverty in Europe was a problem after the war.

Kennedy, LBJ, Nixon, Ford not governors.

Of these, Kennedy pushed immigration and LBJ did it.

Carter, Reagan governors.

Reagan did amnesty, although he believed it would not spawn more immigration.

George HW Bush was not a governor and increased immigration.

Clinton a governor, no increase further except H-1b?

George W. Bush. He did push for amnesty but did not want it enough to push hard perhaps. When he was governor, the Texas budget was not a problem to balance?

Obama was not a governor and wants amnesty.

Romney was a governor. He wants H-1b, but not amnesty.

Calvin Coolidge was governor of Massachusetts before being president. He restricted immigration.

Coolidge was a fiscal conservative as governor of Massachusetts but did reduce hours of work for women and children.

What about Perry? Perry and George W. Bush seem to fit a pattern of stupid governors from Texas. Part of it may be that the Texas state budget is easier to balance than other states.


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