France BHL downgraded by rating agencies

January 13, 2012

In a surprise move, rating agencies downgraded Bernard-Henri Lévy not just France. Our reporter interviewed BHL about the surprise move.

Reporter: Are you upset by the downgrade of your rating?

BHL: Of course, but not just for myself.

Reporter: For France?

BHL: No, for the people of Libya.

Reporter: Libya?

BHL: I am their protector.

Reporter: You are the protector of Libya?

BHL: That surprises you?

Reporter: Yes.

BHL: I am the protector of the downtrodden wherever they are.

Reporter: Like the underage girl that Roman Polanski raped?

BHL’s eyes flash in anger.

BHL: That is a cheap trick.

Reporter: The question or the girl?

BHL: I do not stoop to play these word games.

Reporter: But you stoop to defend DSK?

BHL: The charges were dropped. I was proven right.

Reporter: Is it the first time?

BHL: I told you I speak up for the poor, for the people of the 3rd world, for the migrant.

Reporter: Yeah, that is why I asked.

BHL: It does not seem to me that you can be a reporter for a French newspaper. Who do you work for?

Reporter: Old Atlantic Lighthouse.

BHL: That is a most disreputable lighthouse.

Reporter: Oh, they manage to cover the downgrades.

BHL: This is an insult to my honor. It is an insult to France.

Reporter: And to Libya.

BHL: To the truth. To the cause of liberation. To the human spirit.

Reporter: Were those downgraded too?

BHL: I grow tired of this. You are obviously of that degraded American type who can not understand me.

Reporter: You poor baby.

BHL: I will not give up the struggle for justice of my people.

Reporter: The downtrodden, the poor and the migrant?

BHL: Exactly.

Reporter: But how do those people pay taxes to support the French budget?

BHL: I don’t understand.

Reporter: Well, France was downgraded because its social services budget exceeds the tax receipts from the banlieues. Burning cars and no-go zones for the police are not exactly what gives a country a AAA rating.

BHL: But France is more than that.

Reporter: But the downtrodden, the poor and the migrant are not. And they are increasingly what is France. It is a surprise France was not downgraded more.

BHL: We shall see about that.

Reporter: Would you support stopping the migrant from entering France?

BHL: That would be racism.

Reporter: So France’s credit is going to go down more?

BHL: No.

Reporter: It would appear that the only way to have good credit is to be racist.

BHL: That is what the racists always say.

Reporter: And they are always right.

BHL: This grows tiresome.

Reporter: It will become even more so until you change your course. That is what ratings downgrades are all about. When you lose parts of your cities as no go zones, then that should be a warning to you to expect ratings downgrades until you stop the people doing it.

BHL: Stop the racists?


BHL is stranger than fiction.

For this is a sign that, clearly, points to two things.

First, it is Europe itself that is in crisis. Not finance. Not the economy. Europe. Its culture. Its genius. Its unconscious conscience. Its immemorial and its memory. All that makes up its bases and its origins. Its heart, that beats more and more faintly. Its soul. Its common and hidden grammar. The distinction, that it invented, between law and right. Or between man and citizen. The articulation, that is its own, of multiple forms of the Multiple and of the unique name of the One.

Second, the solution to this crisis will be neither financial nor economic, either, but once again, according to choice, either spiritual, moral, or political.

Europe was established, a first time, by substituting the word of the citizen-magistrate for the sayings of the oracles and auspices. It reconstructed itself a second time by favoring reason over anathema, preferring that a consciousness become transnationally national to the schism of faith and corps.

Schism of faith and the body. Exactly.

Go back to Rome.

Restore Athens.

That is the only plan.


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