Wall Street fires Rick Perry just like us

January 13, 2012


Barry Wynn of Spartanburg, the president of Colonial Trust Co., who served as director of the state Republican Party from 1988-1992, said Thursday that the Texas governor’s attacks undermine the GOP’s efforts to champion free enterprise.

The financial power speaks up. Is he a carpetbagger?

It is official, Wall Street owns the GOP. When you vote for Romney, you vote to be owned. That is why Romney and the others toed the line on legal immigration, tripling H-1b and stapling green cards to every degree mill Wall Street sets up.

Bain University can issue tech degrees based on on-the-job learning. They have you train your replacement student worker then fire you. Professor Romney supervises their thesis work. What makes a professor? The power to grant course credit.

This election is now over Wall Street owning the candidates and controlling what they speak. They then do its bidding when elected. Don’t like it? Vote Ron Paul or a 3rd party.

Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Huntsman have all said that the criticism of Bain has gone too far or have backed off or gone silent according to various press releases. These say Gingrich said he wouldn’t and then he did.

Wall Street is showing who is boss. This is done right in front of us. We are fools to vote for any of these Republican candidates. They are stooges of Wall Street. This is right in front of our faces.


One Response to “Wall Street fires Rick Perry just like us”

  1. rusty Says:

    Who was it who said that the money aristocracy will be much worse than the feudal kind? Very prescient.

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