NYT obituary White Supremacist Robert E. Lee

January 19, 2012

Clinging to God and guns to the last, White Supremacist Robert E. Lee passed away. Lee would never admit his racist ways were based out of ignorance. Instead of facing reality, he retreated into a faith warped by views of White Supremacy, racism, and hate.



Leading a rag tag body of shoeless followers, Lee was able to avoid capture from federal forces for almost 4 years. Finally, he had to surrender the cause of White Supremacy unconditionally. Thus ended the last desperate attempt at a White Supremacist nation on this continent.

Lee and his followers insisted to the last that only in a White Nation would Whites be safe as a people. They had the discredited concept that equality for Negros would lead to Whites being chased out of their homes and communities by violence. They believed that increasingly, Whites would become a minority and dwindle out of existence.

Whites who cling to these hate filled racist views are increasingly irrelevant as their numbers decline and Whites die out completely.


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  1. Unamused Says:

    trollolol nice one

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