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Evangelicals contraceptive pact with the devil immigration complex

April 3, 2012

Evangelicals have made a pact with the GOP establishment Devil. The terms are support GOP to genocide Whites in exchange for short term minor nuisance legislation on contraceptives and abortion.

A pact with the devil has these characteristics

  • What you get is limited in scope.
  • What you get disappears quickly.
  • What you get won’t really help you.
  • You give up everything.
  • It gets worse as time goes on.
  • You lose your original bargain as well.
  • This is what the contraceptive/abortion laws for guest worker, legal immigration, student visas deal is. The Rubio Jeb Bush GOPers get their cheap labor and race replacement agenda. The evangelicals get laws most of them overturned by the courts, and all of them reversed by the rising tide of color. In exchange the evangelicals agree to genocide Whites.

    As this goes on, the deal gets worse. Gay marriage was not in the original deal. So evangelicals just lose on gay marriage.

    As immigrants become a rising share, all laws go left. Evangelicals lose on this. As immigration goes on, they lose more.

    The IRS is in their churches telling them what they can say. The federal complex interferes with their employment and imposes conditions of its race complex for selling to it.

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