Queen Victoria Up Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II Down Down Jubilee

June 5, 2012

Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee was 1897.  The previous 60 years saw a great updraft of the British People world wide.  From 1837 to 1897 was a period of great progress, only marred by the American Civil War and the upsurge of Ellis Island Diversity in America.

The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee of 2012 marks 60 years of retreat and ethnic cleansing of the British Race in England, America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  The 5 homelands of the British Race are under assault and are turning into diversity colonies.

These two jubilees are the updraft and the downdraft of the British Race.


2 Responses to “Queen Victoria Up Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II Down Down Jubilee”

  1. Fr. John+ Says:

    I am glad for Britain’s honoring the Office of Monarch- an event like that is a gift we Yanks don’t have… as of yet. Even if “Elizabeth the Useless” has not done the Indigenous Whites of England any favors, during her sixty years.

    But, in all countries where the White Man is the ‘Native,’ there is a movement (I would consider it from God, frankly) toward racial awakening. I myself, even after ten plus years of commenting on the World situation, have only just recently begun to see a change.

    Here is the URL- http://thewhitechrist.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/a-sea-change/

    Perhaps we need to remember, we are only slaves as long as we put up with the BS. Sometimes freedom is more important that security. Maybe, even, ALWAYS?- Fr. John+

  2. Joe Says:

    If the queen is useless to the white race, which she mostly is, then honoring her is not any great awakening on the part of the white race.
    An awakening would be a collective turning-of-the-back from her sell-out face and a refusal on the part of Albion to have anything to do with any event honoring her.
    She represents the talmudic / freemasonry / rothschild / banking system that is choking the West. That’s it.
    She does not represent true England at all, for all the pomp and all the speeches stating otherwise.
    I don’t know where this “great awakening” from “God” is taking place, but it’s certainly not taking place in London,nor anywhere here in America that I can see.
    It’s all the same talmudic/freemasonry/rothschild banks/ status quo as ever. Joe

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