Formula for taking back comments

September 9, 2012

At times, here or elsewhere I may have made comments that a certain group would take offense to.   This group has approximately 10 US senators at any one time.  They typically have F ratings from NumbersUSA.

F to D to C to B to A is 4 steps.  So 10 senators times 4 steps is 40 steps.

I will take back 2.5 percent of my comments on this group for each upward step made by this group’s senators, which is kept.  So if all 10 get to A and stay there, I take back 100 percent.

I sincerely admire this group’s accomplishments.  I also enjoy their sense of humor even though it is mostly against White Christians and the Tea Party.


4 Responses to “Formula for taking back comments”

  1. cabbageroll Says:

    Uh…I really don’t think they care about anything we say about them.

    • oldatlantic Says:

      Maybe not. But this is at least as much for Christians who feel uncomfortable with my remarks.

      Something would have to change radically for all Jewish senators to get A ratings from NumbersUSA, which itself is afraid to really have a plan for Whites.

  2. I’m just curious to know about your usage of the term “jewarchy.” Did you coin that term yourself? What does it mean?

    I recently launched a website at which promotes “jewarchy” as a word describing excessive Jewish power or corruption. The grossly inaccurate and politicized word “antisemitism” could then be replaced with the more accurate “anti-Jewism” (for people who hate all Jews) and “anti-Jewarchism” (for people who hate Jewish corruption, including but not limited to Zionism).

    Google is blacklisting, along with my campaign website @ In fact, it appears to be the ONLY major website that is blacklisting me. When I type “Jewarchy” into Google, this is one of the top hits.

    Thanks for any feedback!

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