911 is the new Anti White Christian Hate Day?

September 11, 2012

Is 9/11 now a day for hate of White Christians?  It celebrates Diversity.  That is the same as teaching hate of White Christians.  This is now going on all over the country?  At least the Chicago Public Schools are closed today.  Although, there are so few Whites left in Chicago public schools it may just not matter.

One can almost imagine Christian groups burning Bibles at 9/11 memorial sites to show solidarity with Muslims.  Or imagine them destroying Christian churches.

Will the Sistine Chapel Ceiling be white washed on a 9/11 in the future?

Does anyone doubt the ones leading the white washing will be Governor Chris Christie, Boehner, and Romney?  We don’t need more GOPtards misleading us. We need something new like the A3p party.  But they need to get involved.


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