Two Key Drivers of Jewish Success

September 11, 2012

Jews had, in addition to high IQ, two drivers of success.

  1. Within group higher genetic similarity.   This promoted higher cooperatives genes in general.
  2. Enough genetic similarity to host populations so that Jewish higher cooperative levels could work with host population elements inclined towards cooperation.

According to this theory, Asians and blacks would not be hospitable hosts for Jews.  Blacks are not cooperative in high percentages within group and are genetically far from Jews.   We see Israel trying to eject blacks.

Asians although having more cooperation within group than blacks are very far from Jews in genetics.  We don’t see an Asian host for Jews like we do in the West.

The ideal conditions for Jews were in America in the 20th century.  This is the country Jews worked to destroy.  White Christian Americans were the ideal host population for Jews.  Jews have done all they could to ethnically cleanse them.  Jews have chosen populations genetically extreme from Jews that the above key drivers don’t work with.   Thus Jews have destroyed the perfect nest for them, 20th century America.


2 Responses to “Two Key Drivers of Jewish Success”

  1. cabbageroll Says:

    Well said.

  2. cabbageroll Says:

    Although hispanics are a good host population. I remember leaving synagogue one day (he he j/k) and seeing a little child smirk at me. And I realized….the majority of the Jews could hide very well amongst Mediterranean type populations.

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