Yay Romney lost

November 7, 2012

Romney was no friend to White working class or White middle class.  Romney despised us.  Romney disowned us multiple times.  Romney called our flag, the flag of hate.
Do I wish I was pawned by Romney for his tax cuts?


Do I wish Romney brought Somali gangs to attack White children in Maine?

Despite Whites in Maine voting for it, no.

Romney never showed loyalty to a White job.

Romney intended to green card staple and fire Whites at age 40 from good jobs and replace them with cheap Asians.

Romney intends an all Asian Stanford and MIT.

No to Romney.  Another anti-White like Boehner defeated.

We should tunnel within the GOP to use it for our own purposes while voting for 3rd parties and helping them with our money.

Romney was never going to govern to help us.  Good riddance to him.

When Romney lost, did he tell the truth in his farewell speech?


Romney never intended to tell the truth about what is happening to Whites.

Nor do anything about it.



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