Romney offered White working class and middle class loss of job from immigration

November 8, 2012

Romney saw legal immigration as the way to keep wages low for working class Whites and middle class Whites. To Romenemy, firing Whites at age 40 and replacing them by young immigrants at lower wages is wonderful. What makes it more wonderful is if Medicare is a voucher that pays less and less.

This was Romney’s program.  Northern Whites voted against it.  This is because they are not beset by diversity that they have to vote White no matter how bad the White is.

It was Southern Whites who voted Romney who should have voted for Goode. Goode was the revolution Trump was talking about.   If Southern and Mountain state Whites had voted Goode and Northern Whites Obama, Romney would have been left with nothing.

That would give you a revolution.  That is what should have happened.  Southern Whites made the mistake of voting for someone that Northern Whites recognized as their enemy.

Romney spent the 1980s and 1990s flying into towns in the North and Midwest and taking away their factories and shipping them out.  Northern Whites saw through him as their worst enemy.

Southern Whites were the ones who couldn’t see that or act on it, which is worse.

Northern Whites voted for Obama because they need health care because Romney shipped their factories to other countries in the 1980s and 1990s.  That left them dependent on government.

Northern Whites and Midwest Whites have seen the means of production shipped out.  That leaves them with government as all that is left to cling to.

Romney didn’t offer to end immigration and give Northern Whites the chance to rebuild their own secure jobs.  Romney said he loved legal immigration to keep Northern Whites coming back from what Romney did to them in the 1980s and 1990s shipping their factories out.


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