Romney stripped northern factories sending some South some to Asia

November 8, 2012

Some of the factory jobs stripped out of the North and Midwest went to the South. This included foreign car manufacturers who picked the South for many of their factories.

So the North was actually ravaged more by Romney’s Bain Capital than the South.  The South was benefiting from some of Romney’s predation in the North.

The towns Romney flew into for asset stripping in the 1980s and 1990s were towns in the North and Midwest. He stripped them down.

Thus the North and Midwest saw the worst of Romney in the 1980s and 1990s.  It made sense for them to vote against Romney.

The South were partially benefiting from Bain Capital asset stripping the industrial North and Midwest in the 1980s and 1990s. So their voting for Romney was based on not seeing his worst side.

Romney intended to finish them off with legal immigration, but they apparently could not calculate that far ahead.

Voting against Romney was what all Whites should have done.  Southern Whites should have voted for Goode to send a message not to Obama but to Romney and the GOP.

Until Southern Whites vote 3rd party types like Goode who are their own people advocating an end of green cards, they will be chumps to the Romneys and Roves.  It is Southern Whites who hurt our people by voting for Romney, not Northern Whites who voted for Obama to cling to their health care after Romney stripped their factory jobs.

Romney is still sitting on his loot in the Cayman Islands and not paying much tax on it.  Voting for Romney is voting for the thief who stole your town’s factory and left it devastated.  Romney was called a raider for a reason.  Romney was like a raider who burned and salted the earth to prevent you farming again.  Romney was the worst pillager in history in that sense.

Voting for Romney is like voting for the worst of barbarian invaders to come back.  It really made no sense.

I voted against Romney in the primary and in the general.    That is what made sense.

Southern Whites need to switch out of a GOP sending us Rubios and Jindals and Haleys.  Not voting for Goode was the stupidest mistake Southern Whites have made in a long time. All it has gotten them is the next wave of Rubios and Christies thrown at them by their neocon overlords.  This alone should convince them they made the wrong choice to vote for Romney over Goode.  They really voted against themselves. That is how the GOP sees it.

If the South had voted Goode, the GOP wouldn’t be talking Rubio. They would be talking getting Goode back in the party. They would be talking Buchanan as elder statesman.  That isn’t happening. They are talking Jeb Bush, Christie, Rubio.  That proves Southern Whites voted wrong.


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