Dying to tell you I’m not dead

November 13, 2012

Sorry to disappoint, I have to tell it true

I haven’t died yet

And you’ll have to muddle through


Oh what a foul it is to die as a blogger.

Not to care at all.

To be called a bloody brute

who never thinks of y’all.


Of course, for my ‘umble self

I leave off a month or two

No one seems to notice

Myself included too.



Dedicated to all the blog gents and ladies who have left off blogging without a word.

No obligation to tell us anything.

If you go on the great walk about of regular life, you don’t have to tell your friends in blog space.

We do it too.


Take your occasional comment poster.  They go off and never say a word.  How do you know what happened to them?  No way to know.

Now does anyone post about lost commenters?  Do we contact random funerals, asking them are you the commenter who left off my blog back in ’08?  Cause I’m mighty curious, don’t you know?

Or say Fred left off commenting.  Now do I think, he left a name of Fred, so I’ll read the obits for Freds and then contact their families.

Dear Family of Fred,

Wot I want to know, if you’d be ever so kind, is to tell me true if your Fred in the ground is my Fred who left comments at my venue?

Sincerely yours,

Ever so anxious to know

Old Atlantic


An if I get no response, do I then blog up about how Fred is the rudest commenter I ever knew?  He left off commenting and now I don’t know if he is dead or wounded or captured by natives.


Now I admit, every so often a regular Mary Poppins may have a blog and leave off, and then we have to wonder where she went to.    So when your Mary Poppins blogger is gone, just hum a little tune.



In every blog that must be done
There is an element of fun
You find the fun and snap!
The blog”s a game

And every post you undertake
Becomes a piece of cake
A lark! A spree! It’s very clear to see that…

A Spoonful of blogger helps the White man in town
The White man in gown
The White man who frowns
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the White man who’s down
In a most delightful way


And so when Mary Poppins is away, we’ll just have to do our best today.


No need to abuse your mates or fret about her fate.  We’re all going to go missing too. Get on with what you have to do.


6 Responses to “Dying to tell you I’m not dead”

  1. cabbageroll Says:

    🙂 nice

  2. Andrew Ulle Says:

    the poetry sounds like something out of “In His Own Write,” one of John Lennon’s books of poetry…

  3. Hal K Says:

    I presume this was inspired by Vanishing American and her vanishing blog.

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