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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to all who sometimes follow or happen by this blog.   This is particularly a greeting to those who identify with White Christian America or White Christian Earth.


Ian Jobling, Jews and what is bothering us

December 2, 2012

Ian Jobling has denounced our movement, whatever it’s name is and whoever is a member.   Jared Taylor is a member and Lawrence Auster, Hunter Wallace and then there are our The Other, Stormfronters, VNN, and in general people who name the Jew as they call it.

Does it just come down to money?   Our movement is about White men in particular, and Whites in general not having as much money?  We have lower employment to population ratios for men. We have the same median wages as in the 1970s.  For those with above median wages, there is college and law school debt.  And in the last few years, there is college debt for those with below median wages.

White men were thoroughly denounced following the Romney defeat.   Dana Bash of CNN was living up to her name in an interview of some Republican politician after The Defeat.  She so pilloried the poor White RINO about Hispanics that I was forced to Google her name and find out if she was a member of the Tribe.  She was.  Funny how that happens.  I had never though to look her up, but as she launched into the chained RINO over his not genuflecting to Hispanics enough, the idea of checking her out dawned on me.

Dana Bash was born Dana Ruth Schwartz.   You can’t make this stuff up.  This is why so many people in the cellar of our movement can’t keep from naming the you know who.

But aren’t we White men ourselves to blame for our predicament?  Particularly, if we have the means to solve it even now?  If we can do something to change it, then we must be responsible for letting things have gotten to where they are.

Is it time for us to throw off all the counseling we have had and simply revert to Beserkers?  This is what the basement dwellers of our movement want.  Is it time for this after The Defeat?

John Derbyshire in his radio cast eggs on Liberals to simply line White men up and shoot us, deport us to labor camps, and otherwise carry on as the Left does when it is on top.

But is it not time for White men to just get primitive and take back our lands?  Or will we be lined up for counseling yet again while our wages are flat and our employment is slimmer.   With Green Card Stapling RINOs haunting our dreams and our waking life.

The Left is executing us with forced non-labor.  They bring in the replacement workers from the 3rd world for the good jobs as well as the bad ones. They don’t want to depend on us. They don’t want us to exist.  We are being lined up just as effectively as in Leftist Springs and Lenin October Revolutions in times past.

We certainly need to stop apologizing and confessing to bigotry and racism. Which brings us to Ian Jobling who is doing just that.  Jobling is taking this time to confess to being the White Ogre that the Left loves to hate.   Supposedly this will get him a job as a computer consultant or programmer.  But is that really the intention of green card stapling and H-1b visas?  To give Ian Jobling a job after age 50 in the computer field?

And will the Jobling method of confession work for the rest of us?  With local college campuses full of foreigners on visas taking the STEM courses, confessing to being a White man won’t get most of jobs anyhow.  So the Jobling confession strategy won’t work.  The non-Whites are here to take the STEM jobs and the lawyer jobs and the management jobs.   It is already happening.  Confessing to the SPLC won’t get these non-White STEM jobbers loaded up on ships to go back to where they came from.  Precisely the reverse, it will just open the flood gates to more of them.

That means more of us losing management jobs, computer jobs, lawyer jobs.   And if you are thinking of starting a sandwich shop, handyman business, hardware store or some such, you might start noticing that when those businesses are run by Whites, the Latinos tend to avoid them.

In Northern Virginia, which is now a Diversity Bantu, sandwich shops and every type of small business run by Whites have White customers only.  Non-Whites don’t patronize the shops of Whites in Northern Virginia at all.   They don’t come.    So if you lose your middle management White man job in middle age and want to start your White man’s small shop, you are dependent on White customers only to support you.  And they are increasingly being replaced by the non-Whites who don’t and won’t buy from Whites.

Confessing at SPLC won’t bring non-Whites into your sandwich shop.  Or your used bookstore.   Or your non-chain espresso shop.  They are not buying from us. And our people are losing their income.  Our people have to shop at Walmart to survive.

This is part of what the Big Corporations want.  You can’t afford to spend the little extra to buy at the White man’s shop.  All your little income is taken up by the Big Corporations leaving you no money left to buy at the little White man’s business or the White man’s books or the White man’s services.   You are just lucky to have the electricity on in your home and to be able to buy the necessities at the discount Big Corporation Warehouses.

Ian Jobling lives in Northern Virginia, or did and presumably still does.  He is living in occupied territory.  He has marked himself by his past writings.  He is hoping to get a computer job in the Federal District of Northern Virginia.  This is controlled job territory of the Department of Defense.  You can’t get a corporate  job here if you have spoken up.     And the sandwich shops, used bookstores, and handy man businesses are increasingly for non-Whites only.  Whites are too stupid to support their own.  So they die.   So they confess like Ian Jobling. So they are lined up for unemployment and underemployment until they go extinct.  This is the plan and they laugh at us openly on their CNN gloating over us.

Obama tells the GOP he will humiliate them with breaking their tax pledge for a plan that will do nothing at all to reduce deficits.  It is just a plan to humiliate the old White men in the House.  It has no other purpose and doesn’t stop the US government going bankrupt after he leaves from the debt he piled up.

So Ian Jobling confesses.  So the House passes a STEM green card bill to give our jobs to foreigners as long as they are non-White. They can express their hatred of Whites on CNN and in testimony to Congress for more visas and green cards. We on the other hand have to confess even noticing this is happening to us.

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