Is DOJ trying to keep Edward Snowden in Moscow or China?

June 25, 2013

Is the goal of the DOJ to keep Edward Snowden in Russia or China? To protect DOJ from criminal prosecution?

Consider following hypothesis.

  1. Russia used kompromat to get IMF loans from Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer in the 1990s.
  2. GOP neocon profs knew this and used it as leverage to get Iraq Liberation Act 1998 and then during Bush v. Gore to influence Supreme Court to vote in Bush.
  3. DE Shaw and LTCM traded on this info in 1990s.
  4. Clinton, Bush and Obama DOJ covered it up.
  5. Harvard, MIT, etc. concealed this from FBI, USAO Mass during US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay.
  6. When Larry Summers was rehired by USgov in 2009, Obama, Eric Holder, other DOJ leaders, Harvard, MIT, DE Shaw, etc concealed this from FBI.
  7. During Aaron Swartz case, USAO Mass used this to make MIT go along with harsh treatment of Aaron Swartz resulting in his suicide.
  8. When Tamerlan Tsarnaev tip came to FBI they concealed this info from local FBI and local police as part of coverup.  This resulted in Boston deaths.
  9. Coverup continued after Boston bombing.
  10. Edward Snowden may have info on this.

DOJ wants to conceal this info from public.  As long as Snowden is trapped in Russia, he can’t disclose this.  So Russia is where DOJ wants Edward Snowden.

So DOJ puts out talk of sanctions on Ecuador if it takes Snowden. If Snowden goes to Ecuador, Snowden can expose DOJ.  But if Snowden is in Moscow, he can’t. So DOJ is threatening Ecuador to keep Snowden in Moscow.

DOJ doesn’t know if Snowden has files on this, they just are playing it safe.

Drafted June 24 2013 8:01pm.  Published Eastern Daylight Time USA 9:32 PM June 25 2013. (at least I share a timezone with DOJ.)

Above are hypotheses or speculation.


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