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Angela Corey prosecuted MARISSA ALEXANDER stand your ground misprosecution

July 17, 2013

Marissa Alexander fired warning shot into wall to stop a serial batterer from killing or beating her. He beats all of his “baby mamas”. Disgusting.

This is another Angela Corey case.

Remove Angela Corey as prosecutor at next election. Prosecutors have discretion. She doesn’t use good judgement to exercise her discretion. So vote her out.

Trial judge sounds like he should lose next election as well.


Snowden Metadata Crisis compared to Cuban Missile Crisis

July 10, 2013

We can compare the Snowden Metadata Crisis of 2013 to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

Putin is like Khrushchev. He deliberately provokes the Americans. This started in the Kitchen Debate and earlier. The shoe pounding.

Putin has been told this analogy by ruling circles in Russia and told to cool it. Putin has been told he will be retired like Khrushchev if he keeps on.

Obama is like Kennedy except less involved.

Putin has to prove he is smarter than Kennedy, just like all KGB types do.

As the crisis unfolded ruling circles on each side told the provocateurs to pull back. On the Russian side, this was Putin. On the US side it is presumably DOJ prosecutors, NSA big wigs and such like.

We may eventually learn who provoked the Evo Morales Bolivia plane blocking. Whoever was behind that has been told to cool off.

It is possible that the US and Russia have agreed to Snowden going to Venezuela. He may already be there. He may have been on the Morales plane all along.

Comparing the two timelines is interesting. At the point that Putin said “American partners” he had been told to stop provoking the Americans.

What of Snowden? Did he provoke a crisis? Was it just him? Who planned a confrontation between America and China? Then Russia and America?

Snowden, Putin, Assange, Glenn Greenwald, or someone else.

Obama makes Snowden flight to Venezuela a personal test of manhood for Putin

July 9, 2013

Barack Obama and the CIA and DOJ have made it a personal test of Putin as an ex-KGB agent to get Edward Snowden to Venezuela safely.

Putin is being forced by Obama to rise to the challenge. Obama and DOJ are making it a test of wits between them and ex-KGB Putin.

If Snowden is stopped on the way to Venezuela, Putin loses face with the Russian people. Putin’s claim to leadership is that he is ex-KGB and that Russia is still better at spying than the US.

If Putin lets the US stop Snowden, then Putin is a paper tiger to the Russian people. This type of loss of face can lead to revolution. No one knows that better than Russian intelligence.

Stopping Bolivia President Evo Morales’ plane in Vienna made it a test of intelligence services between the CIA and NSA and Russia’s FSB/SVR. Now Russia has to make sure that Snowden finds a safe asylum. If they don’t, they risk revolution in Russia.


Who is the giver of truth in the Edward Snowden case?

July 8, 2013

It isn’t NSA.

Snowden exposed their lying.

It isn’t DOJ.

Hong Kong told them their materials were defective and they sent them on to Ireland, whose judges told them the same thing.

We also know that there is a world wide extortion campaign coming out of the prosecution.

This is like DOJ’s role in the Zimmerman case to frame him and force a criminal prosecution by a prosecutor in Florida who has grossly violated the law in other cases and can be prosecuted by DOJ at any time.

The giver of truth is not NSA and it is not DOJ. The giver of truth is Edward Snowden.

DOJ is intent in turning the entire world against them. They have succeeded with judges in Ireland. Will they take that to heart? No.

DOJ is used to friendly judges or judges they can intimidate. Their arrogance is so great they can’t recognize an independent judge telling them the truth about their lies. Instead, they will react with rage. DOJ is used to controlling judges in national security cases, and one who isn’t controlled by them will simply produce a DOJ tantrum.

That will be directed against Edward Snowden and every country whose government is as honest as the judges in Ireland. But DOJ can’t comprehend honesty, because it doesn’t have it in themselves. So they can’t understand it in others.

DOJ lives the lie of excessive overcharging and oversentencing. They are just an extortion outfit.

This is why they can’t do financial fraud cases. Those cases require study and humility to learn. DOJ lacks those virtues. So it avoids those cases which would expose them as lazy bullies.


Gjallarhorn – I Riden Så (Ye Ride So Carefully)

July 8, 2013

Gjallarhorn – I Riden Så (Ye Ride So Carefully)

Lyrics, English and Swedish

Hoping Edward Snowden will ride carefully to his place of asylum.


How we know Edward Snowden is not a Chinese spy

July 6, 2013

Edward Snowden is disrupting the current relationships of tech know how, intelligence, etc.  China is the big winner for the current system.

China gets

  1. Manufacturing base of United States
  2. US R & D is used to design products to be made in China
  3. To take over and run Berkeley,
    Stanford, Google,  Booz Allen, Livermore,  etc.
  4. Overtime Asians are taking over all US institutions and running US for Asians.

So China has no reason to upset the apple cart.

Snowden is about disrupting this whole apple cart and making people think about what is going on.  China doesn’t want that.  Neither does Booz Allen, DOJ, NSA, RNC or DNC.  They all want the Whites wiped out in America and taken out from running top institutions.

Snowden makes people think about what is going on.  None of these institutions want that, because they are engaged in ethnic cleansing of Whites and transfer to Asians of the leadership of the world.

So Edward Snowden is not a Chinese spy.

This is also why immigration Gang of 8 hates Edward Snowden so much.  He threatens their genocide of Whites.



Is an NSA algorithm as meaningful as an Edward Snowden?

July 4, 2013

Is an algorithm at NSA of equal worth as an Edward Snowden?

Algorithms have rights?  Algorithms are the new meaning.

In with the new, out with the human?

This seems to be the message from the Eastern District of Algorithms.

A sequence of algorithms will not inspire humans.  So get rid of the humans.  That is the message from the DOJ in the Snowden case.  In fact, as far as the Eastern District of Virginia is concerned, this has already happened.

Thomas Jefferson high school is majority Asian and on its way to be Asian only.  This is a diversity of Asians who simply fight each other.

Whites creep about to find ourselves dishonorable graves.  Every White is on a Snowden’s Run to find ourselves a final resting place, alone among strangers.

Prosecutors uber alles.  What is next, replace prosecutors with prosecutor algorithms?   Booz Allen and Algorithms.


Race is the promise of life everlasting

July 4, 2013

Race is the promise that your life will not end in chaos but have meaning.   Race says you are meaningful because people like you continue on into the future.

When you take the continuation of people like you into the future, you are left with chaos.

What about the continuation of algorithms like you into the future?

Or just some algorithms in the future, they may be different.

Or just something in the future, human, animal, algorithm, what does it matter?  Are you racist?


July 4 no longer symbolizes the birth of America, but its death

July 4, 2013

July 4 is the nation of singlets.   The Statue of Singlets is its symbol.  It is a living void.  Teeming with conflict and alienation.

The singlets take over this day and push all their own separate creeds and genes.

Why would make a sacrifice to a diversity?

There is no shared sacrifice to a diversity, only a collection of separate sacrifices.

Who harvests the separate sacrifices?  The money power.  Whatever its shifting name, it is the same.


Racial singlets are unable to have children of the same race

July 4, 2013

When two racial singlets have issue, the issue is not of either parent race.

Think of each parent as a random set of 1000 choices.  The issue simply randomizes the choices of the two parents.  So it is not of either race of the two parents.

Once racial singletization is done, it can’t be reversed.

Racial singlets are not the end of race, but the end of a homogeneous racial group.

Racial singlets can only know the conflict of diversity.

Diversity is not a shared anything, except conflict without cease and the lack of any group meaning.

Diversity is emptiness and pain that one dies out without issue of the same race.

Racial singletization is the creation of irreversible chaos.

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