Evo Morales President of Bolivia plane blocked Portugal lands Vienna

July 2, 2013

Evo Morales, the President of Bolivia, was forced to land in Vienna Austria when the airspace to Portugal and France and other countries was blocked.  They were allowed to refuel in Spain and then had to fly back to Vienna is one report.


Tomorrow the plane of Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro flies back to Venezuela from same conference.

Will Portugal deny they blocked the plane of Bolivia?

Is this a misdirection play?

Snowden flies back tomorrow in the Venezuela plane?

Did Putin plan this?

Portugal and France would not dare to block Venezuela’s plane tomorrow.

Or perhaps, Snowden goes home on a Russian ship.  Perhaps he is long since gone from Moscow airport?

Putin is playing 3 card Monte.

We still don’t know if Snowden was ever in Moscow.

Putin planned all this?

The EU leak puts US in fight with EU.

The plane incident pours fuel on the EU US fire and opens up a new fire with Latin America.

Putin keeps winning.

Putin is playing this big.  He has been doing this ever since the Boston bombing and his news conference saying Shleifer was CIA.

Did Putin have someone tell something to Berezovsky to get Berezovsky to commit suicide?  Pass a warning to him?  Say that Israel would arrest him if he flew to Israel?


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