How much of 2013 events were orchestrated by Putin?

July 2, 2013

How many events in 2013 were orchestrated by Putin?

How many did he put a hand in?

Adroitly manipulate?

Berezovsky “suicide”.  Prompted by a warning from a friend that was manufactured in Moscow?

Tsarnaev brothers and other Chechens on mission?  Or at least allowed to develop?

Putin’s statements about US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay after Boston bombing?

Expulsion of “CIA” from Moscow?

Snowden theatre events?

Snowden flight to Moscow from Hong Kong on Aeroflot.

Snowden hide and seek in Moscow airport.

Ecuador on and off for Snowden.

Snowden’s request to Russia withdrawn?

Statements at Moscow conference by Venezuela and Bolivia that they would help Snowden?

Evo Morales plane supposedly turned back by Portugal and France.

This is theatre.

This is being done to disrupt relation of US and EU and US and South America?

US and China?

US is letting this be done to them.

They are so contemptuous of the Russian intelligence service that they bring this out of them.



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