When race is treated like a garment it is a casting off of the generations

July 4, 2013

The linkage of the generations is severed when race is cast off as a meaningful building block of a society.  When race is severed, then the generations are severed.

Generations are connected by common genetic heritage.  When that is taken, the generations have no interest in each other.

They do not come from a common heritage, but from a random gene generator, RGG.

RGGs don’t connect generations they sever generations.  Whatever homogeneity the last generation still clung to, is randomized down by the RGG.

Racial mixing is a RGG.

The RGG cuts through generation solidarity, within and between.  The result is a randomization of the soul.  Each person is a singlet soul without meaning or connection to the others.  All they share is the emptiness and lack of connection of being racial singlets.

Racial mixing is not the end of races, but their multiplication.  It is a race riot in every home, every school and workplace.  It can’t be avoided except in solitude of the racial singlet.

The racial singlet only has meaning by itself.  So it dies alone without issue.  This is the modern state.  New York City most embodies it, both by history, by its ideology and its reality.

The Statue of Liberty symbolizes the singlet state.  Every person is their own statue to their own race and their own god on their own island.


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