Who is the giver of truth in the Edward Snowden case?

July 8, 2013

It isn’t NSA.

Snowden exposed their lying.

It isn’t DOJ.

Hong Kong told them their materials were defective and they sent them on to Ireland, whose judges told them the same thing.

We also know that there is a world wide extortion campaign coming out of the prosecution.

This is like DOJ’s role in the Zimmerman case to frame him and force a criminal prosecution by a prosecutor in Florida who has grossly violated the law in other cases and can be prosecuted by DOJ at any time.

The giver of truth is not NSA and it is not DOJ. The giver of truth is Edward Snowden.

DOJ is intent in turning the entire world against them. They have succeeded with judges in Ireland. Will they take that to heart? No.

DOJ is used to friendly judges or judges they can intimidate. Their arrogance is so great they can’t recognize an independent judge telling them the truth about their lies. Instead, they will react with rage. DOJ is used to controlling judges in national security cases, and one who isn’t controlled by them will simply produce a DOJ tantrum.

That will be directed against Edward Snowden and every country whose government is as honest as the judges in Ireland. But DOJ can’t comprehend honesty, because it doesn’t have it in themselves. So they can’t understand it in others.

DOJ lives the lie of excessive overcharging and oversentencing. They are just an extortion outfit.

This is why they can’t do financial fraud cases. Those cases require study and humility to learn. DOJ lacks those virtues. So it avoids those cases which would expose them as lazy bullies.


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