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American identity a definition

September 28, 2013

Americans are the people of kin and faith who settled America in the 17th century and became a people.
They are White Christians of North Western Europe who are British or close kin to the British in Europe and present
here in America in the 17th century and Christian. They do not include Blacks or Indians.

The Declaration of Independence lacks a statement of who we were.

“One people” One people who?

So does the Constitution. This opening was an opportunity for those who wished to say We The People means whoever is around at the time.

How does saying “We The People means anyone” differ from saying We The non-People? Or differ from, “What those in charge at the time say we the people means, which is just them.”

The only way American is a people is if part of the definition of American is of British ancestry or of those so close that over time the difference is tolerable. That includes those with a shared history with people of British ancestry in America going back to the 17th century, i.e. Founding Stock Americans centered on British ancestry and British history in America.

Not just includes, but is limited to.

American is limited to those who are of British ancestry or White Christians with shared history with those of British ancestry in America since the 17th century.

An America is someone of British ancestry in America tracing back to the 17th century or of White Christian
ancestry whose history is intertwined with those of British ancestry back to the 17th century in America.

America was founded in the 17th century not in 1776. There was a WE prior to 1776, and that same WE existed in the 17th century and was recognized as such in 1776.

The DofI was about a pre-existing people ie one that existed prior to July 4, 1776. The DofI did not create American identity.

This means American can’t mean just universalism or a set of principles in the DofI, since the DofI did not exist when the identity American was created before 1776.

American was an identity before they adopted DofI principles. So American was an identify of folk and faith, i.e. British and other White Christians who came in the 17th century. That was when American as an identity was both created and fixed for all time.

American was created as an identity prior to the idea of a universalist people was created after 1776.

Americans adopted the DofI, the DofI did not create Americans nor alter them nor abolish them. Same with Constitution. American as an identity can only mean the people who existed here prior to July 4, 1776 and not any other people.

Universalism as practiced today is a doctrine that the current generation of those present abolishes the identify of the prior generations and in fact makes its identity to hate them.

This is from comments posted at Vanishing American.


After the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, the legal system applied British Common Law going back centuries without any hesitation. Nor did they admit French law, German law, Italian law or some other law.  British law going back to the Norman conquest of Britain was held to be American law, because the identity American was British in 1776 and everyone knew it.



The American identity is British and British is Christian.  American is Christian.

I Will Glory In My Redeemer

Americans will always Glory in their Redeemer and in their creation as a British Christian people whose history is from the 17th century in America.

Without Christ, there is no 17th Century America. And that is American identity. That is the crucible that British people passed through together with close kin in neighboring European lands who came here in the 17th century. That created American. It can never be changed, only destroyed.

That in fact is exactly what the enemies of the American people are doing right now. The contemporary rulers do not love the American people of the 17th century, but they hate them and loathe them. That is the identity of our rulers and that is the ruling spirit of their non-White and non-Christian immigration intended to abolish the British Christian people of America.

Americans are not an anybody people, which is a contradiction of the idea of a people. Americans are a distinct type of British Christian people. We are of the family of British Christian people in Britain, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The people of the Falklands and Gibraltar and other spots are also of that family of people.

This is recognized in our history and even the NSA knows it is true. The NSA considers the British Christian nations as the same family of people as which Americans belong to. Everyone knows it too. In each British Christian country, the rulers are attempting to kill the British Christian nation in that land. Once this is done, the new rulers can substitute their own concept of who their family is over ours. We are already seeing who that is in their continued series of wars since 2001.


Were the anthrax letters written to implicate Israel?

September 22, 2013

An innovative analysis of the Anthrax letters presents the idea that the formation of the A’s and T’s was done intentionally or by accident to appear to be by a writer of Hebrew or someone familiar with Hebrew.

Could this have been done by al Qaeda to try to fix the anthrax letters on Israel?

For several months after the 9/11 attacks, no one, nor any group, claimed responsibility for the attacks, so the primary responsibility fell solely upon the hijackers, all of whom were killed and all of whom left no message or any claim of responsibility behind at explaining why they had carried the attacks out.

Perhaps the anthrax attacks were intended to cloud the picture, if done by al Qaeda?

The St. Petersburg anthrax letters still have not been released?

Note the anthrax Quantico letter was released.

A quirk of the Quantico Letter allows a potential id of the authors.

The following Fox News page has been altered to remove the clue it appears.

It had the text of the letter including the phrase “Crystal Mall II Building”.

A Google search on that phrase shows it is rarely used.


Asbestos in Our Workplace Ceiling tiles in the Crystal Mall II Building were found in 1990 to contain asbestos, and so were targeted for removal. But the …
PR Notice 98-5 – US Environmental Protection Agency‎
Jun 12, 1998 – Crystal Mall II Building. 1921 Jefferson Davis Highway – Room 119. Arlington, Virginia 22202. (703) 305-5805. /s/. James J. Jones, Director.


Is DOJ too politicizied to help Sweden with Chechen terrorism risk?

September 21, 2013

Is the US Depart of Justice heavily politicized over anything to do with Chechens as a source of terror risk in the US, Sweden or Europe? Does this go back before the Boston bombing of April 15, 2013?

Chechen terrorism risk is linked to Chechen resentment over the IMF loans in the 1990s that the Chechens blame for funding the Second Chechen war. The Chechens believe the US through the IMF funded the enormous number of deaths of the Chechen people in the Second Chechen War that Putin started in 1999 with Berezovsky and as Berezovsky’s hand picked successor to Yeltsin.

Search IMF loans Chechen genocide

US Shares Responsibility For Russia’s Genocidal War On Chechnya

Released November 14, 1999
The Wisdom Fund, P. O. Box 2723, Arlington, VA 22202
Website: — Press Contact: Enver Masud
U.S. Shares Responsibility For Russia’s Genocidal War On Chechnya

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The United States set the example, is providing billions in aid to Russia, and so it must share responsibility for Russia’s genocidal war on Chechnya.

Eric Holder was Deputy Attorney General from 1997 to 2001 and briefly acting under Attorney General under Bush until Ashcroft was confirmed.

Eric Holder was Deputy AG while Janet Reno had Parkinson’s Disease.

Reno revealed in 1995 she had Parkinson’s.

Attorney General Janet Reno revealed Thursday that she has Parkinson’s disease, an incurable degenerative illness that causes muscular stiffness and involuntary trembling. Volume 115 >> Issue 57 : Friday, November 17, 1995 The Tech (MIT)

Later, thinking and behavioral problems may arise, with dementia commonly occurring in the advanced stages of the disease, whereas depression is the most common psychiatric symptom. Other symptoms include sensory, sleep and emotional problems. Parkinson’s disease is more common in older people, with most cases occurring after the age of 50.

Reno was born in 1938, and turned 60 in 1998. So Eric Holder was likely playing a large role in running DOJ by 1998. This was the period of the IMF loans to Russia and of Russia having kompromat over Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer who were in charge of the loans. Shleifer was already under investigation and being protected according to David Warsh, as was Summers. All this in effect by Eric Holder.

Eric Holder may have been involved in ignoring a British tip that may have come in prior to the Boston bombing arising from their investigating Berezovsky’s death and his linkage to Chechens and to the IMF loans. The history of Russia using kompromat on profs started in Britain in the 1920s so they were likely
well aware of it by 2013. That ignored warning may have prompted the David Cameron trip to FBI HQ in DC and then Boston.

Eric Holder may be putting pressure on DOJ and FBI and USAO Mass and USAO Eastern District of Virginia to keep quiet about the linkage of Chechen terrorism to Chechen resentments against the US over the IMF loans to Russia in the 1990s. This then creates risks in every Western country with Chechens, but especially the US, UK and Sweden. Sweden because Sweden is taking in anyone from Syria which includes Chechen fighters.

(Nation has links to several other major journalism pieces on Chechens in Syria.

Apparently, few of the Chechens fighting in Syria have come directly from Chechnya. Instead, many seem to have assembled from among veterans of the Russia-Chechnya wars of the 1990s who fed to Europe and the Middle East. Says RFE/RL, citing the Chechen president, Ramzan Kadyrov:

In today’s New York Times, there’s a snippet that suggests why Russia is so concerned about events in Syria. The amalgam of Islamists that is assembling to fight Assad appears to include a healthy contingent of radical-right Islamists from Chechnya, and they’re reportedly among the toughest fighters in the anti-Assad coalition. Their contingent, according to the Times, led the assault that took control of a Syrian air force base in the country’s northern sector:

The base was first besieged by a Free Syrian Army brigade called North Storm, and joined by fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham and a group calling itself Jaish al-Muhajireen wal Ansar. Muhajireen means emigrants, and the group, which carried out several suicide attacks at the base, is led by Russian speakers from Chechnya and other parts of the Caucasus.

Mr. Farzat said Chechen Islamist fighters near the airport had refused to let the defecting government soldiers flee, so he helped them escape by another route. “I give the Islamic fighters credit for the liberation,” he said. The seizure of the base could have an impact on the stalemated fight for Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, by freeing up rebel fighters and antiaircraft weapons to put pressure on Aleppo’s airport, which rebels have been unable to take despite months of trying. It could also dampen the morale of government troops in other remote outposts.

Chechens Syria

Assume Eric Holder learned in the 1990s that Russia had kompromat on Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer and that he covered that up and also helped block the FBI and USAO Mass investigation in US v Harvard, Shleifer from getting into that area. That included protecting Larry Summers.

It appears that Eric Holder protected Larry Summers from a real FBI background check on Fed Chairman. That should have included extensive investigation of prof plagiarism leading to public statements by the universities involved and contacting the victims. None of that appears to have happened from the lack of public reports.

So it appears Eric Holder is sitting on this from the 1990s to now. Moreover, Eric Holder’s blocking this prevented the FBI developing expertise on the IMF loans and the Chechen war funding from investigating the IMF loans and academic kompromat. That would have led the FBI to act differently to a warning from Russia about a Chechen activist in Boston where MIT and Harvard are with so many profs linked to the IMF.

So Eric Holder is suppressing the investigation before and after the Boston bombing of 2013. That makes him morally culpable if this is accurate.

Given the information available now, and his suppressing the investigation, how can he not be? We know he is suppressing the investigation of academic kompromat used on Larry Summers to get the IMF loans in the 1990s.

Moreover, Summers giving IMF loans to Russia to fund its war of ethnic cleansing in Chechnya while under kompromat pressure suggests the possibility of criminal charges. Summers in effect gave Russia loans it would not have except for the kompromat and knowing it would be used for ethnic cleansing. That then makes Summers’ guilty. But if Eric Holder knew that then, then he had an obligation to prosecute it then. But instead, in this scenario, he covered it up and himself became an accomplice and co-conspirator to the crime of genocide in Chechnya.

Estimates of casualties in the Second Chechen War vary wildly, from 25,000 to 200,000 civilian dead plus 8,000 to 40,000 Russian military.

Despite the lack of evidence against the Chechens, Russia launched massive, indiscriminate attacks on Chechnya.

The BBC reports that refugees arriving at the border with the neighboring republic of Ingushetia have been giving “consistent accounts of death and destruction caused by Russian troops.” Refugees say people are being killed as they try to flee the Russian bombardment.

An estimated 200,000 refugees have fled to Ingushetia. About 3000 have been killed, and 10,000 wounded. Chechnya’s president Aslan Maskhadov has appealed to President Clinton to halt the “genocide of the Chechen people.”

Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin cites the U.S. example to justify the attack on Chechnya. Says Mr. Putin, “Exactly the same tactics were deployed during Operation Desert Storm, in the bombing of the former Yugoslavia and in the various United States attempts to strike back at the world’s most wanted terrorist — Osama bin Laden.”

Meanwhile billions in U.S. dollars continue to flow to Russia through the International Monetary Fund.

Contrast this with President Clinton’s threat to delay a $42 billion IMF loan package to get Indonesia to agree to the UN intervention in East Timor. And now reports have emerged that the recent killings in East Timor were greatly exagerrated — presumably to justify UN intervention.

Contrast this also with the UN sanctions initiated today against Afghanistan for its refusal to surrender Osama bin Laden to the U.S. The U.S. accuses bin Laden of masterminding the bombing of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, but refuses to provide evidence to back its claim.

“The Chechen people are now standing on the threshold of total destruction,” says foreign minister Iyas Akhmadov. They have suffered for 250 years under Russian colonial rule, and are mere pawns caught up in the superpower’s scramble for Caspian Sea oil.

Is Eric Holder complicit both times? In the 1990s and in 2013? Didn’t Eric Holder block a proper FBI investigation of Larry Summers in 2009 when he returned to government after working for DE Shaw? DE Shaw traded Russian government bonds in the 1990s likely on the knowledge that Russia had kompromat on Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer.

Now it appears Eric Holder is blocking the investigation of Larry Summers, the Boston Bombing, and Chechen terrorism. If there was a British tip before the Boston bombing that was blocked, Eric Holder would seem to be the one responsible.

It is reasonable to conclude that Sweden is not getting the help it expects from US, NSA, DOJ on Chechen terrorist risk inside their country. Chechens can also use Sweden as a base to go into other European countries. Targets can include whatever seems closest to the IMF or linked to it. These can include central banks, large banks, econ profs, bankers, government officials, former international officials or international organizations in Europe including the UN in Geneva or organizations in Vienna, Austria. Perhaps Eric Holder wants this terrorism as revenge for historic grievances he feels as well as to cover up his own complicity in this entire matter.

Ron Unz out as publisher of The American Conservative

September 20, 2013

Ron Unz apparently ran out of the money he used to play publisher at The American Conservative.

If you want to help the White Race, work hard to make money and then contribute a little to Vdare and some of the really loyal long term bloggers out there.

Apparently, you should also try to rise covertly within the institutions and take your opportunities to help the White Race.

Some need to be open in their advocacy. What it takes is persistence in each of these things.

What we need is sustained effort at building careers and businesses and then donating to NumbersUSA, real patriot 3rd parties, blogs that are explicitly pro-White, Vdare and whatever else comes along. We also could use a publisher to help authors.

Chechen terrorism risk in Sweden

September 20, 2013

Sweden is allowing people to come from Syria as refugees on an automatic basis. There are Chechens in Syria

Chechen Syria

Search Chechen Sweden

Kavkaz Center in Sweden

imf loans Kavkaz Center

Kavkaz Center Finland


After the Boston bombings on April 15, 2015, Putin brought up the Shleifer case but mentioning Chubais not Shleifer directly. Nonetheless, Putin fingered Shleifer as CIA. Chechens blame CIA for helping the Russians kill Dzhokhar Dudayev after whom Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is named.

Was Putin fingering Shleifer as a target for Chechens? Putin has a KGB hangup on proving he is smarter than anybody else. This especially applies to professors starting with Berezovsky who gave Putin his break to become president of Russia.

What will Chechens from Syria do in Sweden? They can’t get at Shleifer or Harvard and MIT, so what will they pick as a substitute?

If the Chechens blame IMF loans from profs from Harvard and MIT for funding Russia in the Second Chechen war, who in Sweden closely matches that?

Swedes who worked at international agencies? Central Bank of Sweden. Swedish econ profs. Nobel Prize related targets. Swedish Academy of Sciences. These are are all potential targets as the closest match to Shleifer, Summers, IMF in Sweden.

Warnings from Russia to Sweden about Chechens.

It is likely that Russia has given warnings to Sweden in private about specific Chechens. However, these warnings likely remove any information that would reveal Russia puts pressure on profs to get Nobel Prize nominations and the linkage of that to IMF loans or atomic secrets or credit ratings currently.

The FBI was unable to figure out much from Russia’s warning to it about Tsarnaev. The FBI did not show the warning note to Andrei Shleifer of Harvard (most likely). If they had, Shleifer could have warned them about Chechen resentments over IMF loans to Russia in the 1990s funding the second Chechen war against Chechnya.

In the case of Sweden, the Swedish security services should take any warnings they get from Russia and show them to profs in Sweden who may know some of this history and also know Russia. This includes people from the above list of possible targets of Chechens in Sweden.Prior winners of the Nobel Prize and other academics in other countries may also have some insights on these matters.

Russia may have its intel services work with its profs to find out specific targets in Sweden of Chechen resentment but then not tell that to Sweden. This is because it would expose Russian operations to get Nobel Prize nominations by plagiarism kompromat. So to figure that part out, Sweden needs to show the warnings to its own profs. Some profs in the US also could help, as well as in the UK, Germany, and France.

Some sources of information

Inria mathematical finance Moscow

Muslim profs and students at University of Paris form a network that has spread all over and which has sophisticated knowledge of these matters.


Putin may have his profs and intel service work at possible targets in detail in Sweden but not tell the Swedes. They might then leak this information to Chechens. This is because Putin hates profs, has to prove he is smarter than profs (he is ex KGB colonel), to show he is important and because Putin is evil. Also Putin blames the Swedes for hosting Kavkaz Center and he has to do something to get even in his mind.

Sweden should stop anyone coming from Syria. It can’t deal with the threat. The Swedish security services can’t protect potential targets in Sweden against refugees from Syria. Putin can use those refugees, Chechen or others, to prove he is smarter and to get back at Sweden for hosting the Kavkaz Center.

Putin showed he could have someone killed in London. Putin tried to make Shleifer a target for Chechen resentments after the Boston bombing. So using Syria refugees in Sweden to get back at Sweden for hosting Kavkaz Center is within Putin’s profile.

America in 2013 can barely understand the America of the Civil War era

September 18, 2013

The America today of 2013 has now crossed over a divide and no longer can understand the America of 1861. At the time of the Ken Burns Civil War docuganda, there was still an ability to connect to and understand that country.

Ken Burns Civil War was broadcast in 1990.

It of course, was developed in idea in prior years. So it represents a closer connection. The pre-Civil Rights South was connected to the America of 1861 and also much of the North was as well. This still lived on in understanding in 1990.

But since then, that America has been shattered. It has no identity now, except a place where people gather after terrorism incidents. Victim of terrorism is the new identity. It is a pseudo-identity. It still implicitly relies on the White Christian identity and is a pale ghost of it.

Younger generations can not fathom pre-Civil Rights America which was a country of blood and soil, race and faith. Now those are gone.

The latest killer was given privileges in the new America to kill at the Navy Yard precisely because he had an anti-identity to the old White Christian America especially the old English Protestant American. Major Hasan was the same looking the other way. In each case, those who knew ran from their identity as White Christians to allow these alien predators to kill without opposition.

Young people actually accept this non-identity identity as if it meant something. Especially at centers of non-American identity such as Harvard, Berkeley and Stanford. These universities furnish an unusual number of those in control of the off course ship of state that is American government.

America of 2013 can not understand America of 1776 or 1861 or 1961. These are completely alien peoples to the younger generation. They connect to them as little as do the latest plane or trunk load of new Americans.

The doctor at Washington Medical Center who said the Navy Yard Shootings were not America was in her late 50s. She grew up in a country still connected to its past. America in 1976 could identify with 1776 and America in 1990 could identify with 1861 still some. But today, almost not at all.

The film 1776 from 1972 would be impossible to make today.

Today it would be Black focused and alienated at its core. This would be unmistakeable. It would shriek out that it was not about us, where us is White Christians of Founding Stock.

The actor singer John Cullum was the most authentically American in the film. He was born in 1930 in Tennessee.

America today is identified with its alien killers on our own soil. The 911 19. Tsarnaevs. Major Hasan. Aaron Alexis. Countless others. The official establishment glorifies their races and ethnic stocks and religions while denigrating ours. It can’t make a film or song that is of old America. That connection has been broken.

In the 1930s, this was quite easy and the bond was living. Many films from that era seem almost as documentaries of the American past, as opposed to docu-diatribes against it.

American as an identity through time.

September 18, 2013

The high point of American as an identity was July 4, 1776. Since then it has been a downhill affair. However, the drop was gradual for a considerable period.

The big drop started in the 1960s with Civil Rights. That was a direct assault on American identity per se.

Obama as president symbolizes the official end of American identity. Killers like Major Hasan drill it home.

The Civil War obviously was a blow at American identity. The South seceded because it had an identity. The North fought the war supposedly because American was an identity, but its actual rhetoric and laws were to make anyone an American. Anyone an American means American means nothing.

The Emma Lazarus poem was only possible after the Civil War that was won by the Reconstructing North. American identity was reconstructed into the no man identity it is officially.

Despite this, an American identity lived on. Away from the ethnic areas of Chicago and New York, the American identity continued. It was certainly evident in the mythical town of Mayberry, which was real enough as far as identity was concerned.

Mark Twain was a writer about American identity. There was still an American identity after the Civil War for most, even though officially the government had turned against it.

The Chinese Exclusion Act was one official act in favor of an American identity after the Civil War. Naturally, it is attacked today by official PC.

The 1924 Immigration Act was the high point in the counter-reconstruction to maintain an American identity. The counter-reconstruction had enough strength to maintain a passable level of American identity up to the 1960s when it suffered grievous blows from the joint action of Freedom Riders, media, ACLU, DOJ and federal judges.

Now American identity as it was understood pre-Civil Rights is a hate and thought crime.

We are now seeing a new explicit reconstruction by some of American identity as White Christian and in some cases even Protestant English. The newly reactive Vanishing American blog represents that view more than most.

The Declaration of Independence set in motion an identity that had a fatal flow of universalism embedded in it. This would have been safe in a White Christian world. It could be an example to a Europe shriven by wars. However, in a multicultural multiracial world with immigration, this universalism as part of American identity was a fatal flaw. That has become more evident in recent times.

If the South secedes, it must adopt a White Christian identity as official if it is to have a chance.

This post was stimulated by reading some of the new entries at the Vanishing American blog, newly started. In particular this one.

Prof plagiarism often involves cowardly means and threats

September 17, 2013

When a paper is submitted to a journal in 1966 and published in 1970 while the institutions of the editors publish their own versions in the meantime, it is a cowardly attack. They then use threats against the victim to keep quiet.

This is what happened to Nils Hakansson by MIT and Harvard. They have pursued intimidation tactics to this day. That includes Larry Summers remarks about women to the NBER in January 2015 which were intended to intimidate women profs to going along with this. Summers made a cowardly attack on women profs who could testify and expose him in US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay.

Is modern especially asymmetric war a series of cowardly attacks?

September 17, 2013

Are drone strikes cowardly attacks? Cowardly attacks on cowardly attackers?

Are bombing runs cowardly attacks?

Does an occupier try to take the arms of the populace, and the populace responds with cowardly attacks?

Are partisan attacks cowardly attacks?

Is total war a race to cowardly attacks by both sides?

Does each side portray the attacks by the other as cowardly attacks? Perhaps against a mythical standard of knights jousting?

Are WMD, drones, insect warriors and so on inherently warfare by cowardly attack?

Cyber warfare is war by cowardly attack? Or just a large scale Boston Tea Party?

Are strikes by US designed to minimize American casualties but capricious in lives of others, cowardly attacks? Or immoral? A violation of laws of war when done on civilian populations?

Laws of war is a concept within Europe as a Christian society of closely related Whites. In modern wars, between America and Diversity, that doesn’t apply? Is that why Aaron Alexis made a cowardly attack on the Washington Navy Yard?

A Diversity is a society of cowardly attacks. This includes financial fraud by large banks and hedge funds on other investors?

Hedge funds that design trading rules to siphon off the wealth of others are making a cowardly attack? This is what DE Shaw does? What Larry Summers does? What the bank bailout was? Bankers used their positions at top of government to raid the funds of the people and transfer wealth to their own group. So it was a cowardly attack. One far more devastating than the Washington Navy Yard.

Harvard has gone from an institution that taught service and leadership to one that teaches exploiting the population. In that transition it went from a White Christian college to a Diversity University. It now has no sense of loyalty or obligation to the White Christian population. That is transmitted to bankers and financial regulators who go through a revolving door from Harvard to government to Wall Street. This is asymmetric financial warfare. The population are unarmed and unable to respond at all.

Their elected representatives who they elect to represent them, instead are in cahoots with the robbers on Wall Street. They all come out of Harvard and are taught to prey on the people not to protect the people. This is the opposite of the police who risk their lives to protect people.

Congress, bankers, revolving door regulators, Harvard have betrayed a trust to gain an advantage. In that sense, they follow asymmetric warfare on the population. This is a series of cowardly attacks on the people through their finances, job opportunities, and ability to meet hidden inflation and save above their immediate needs.

Lexington April 19, 1775 was not a cowardly attack

September 17, 2013

The Battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775 was not a cowardly attack by the Americans.

The British planned to go seize the arms of the Americans. The Americans had warning and prepared. They were an organized militia that assembled to defend their homes and arms from seizure.

Lexington should not be taken as a pretext for a cowardly attack, especially by a lone gunman or bomber.

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