Timothy McVeigh Anders Breivik pro-White and non-violence

September 7, 2013

Timothy McVeigh did not bomb OK City for a pro-White cause but a pro-gun cause. In McVeighverse, it is ok for nonWhites to replace Whites by immigration as long as they have the right to own guns after they replace us.

McVeigh was afraid to say he was pro-White or even think it. So he said to himself and others it was for gun rights.

No one is going to follow a McVeigh for gun rights for the people who replace them. So McVeigh’s cause was irrational from the start. He was not for the people, he was for the guns. That won’t really motivate people to follow him.

Even if McVeigh had been brave enough to say he was pro-White, his act would fail. This is because the others were as afraid to say they were pro-White as he was. So his act could not move them off that, whatever the stated reason.

Breivik was closer to saying he was pro-White, but still ended up being afraid to. He settled on just being against Islam’s takeover of Europe. Again he was too afraid to say he was for the Norwegian people keeping their own land and Whites keeping Europe and America.

The fact that Breivik was afraid to say what he was for shows no one would follow him. It takes more courage to say you are pro-White than to bomb. That means any act of bombing will do nothing.

In effect, there is a hierarchy of propaganda by the deed. The act of greatest courage is to say you are pro-White. Actual bombing takes less courage than saying you are pro-White. Thus an act of bombing can’t stimulate people saying they are pro-White since it is already a less courageous act.

No act of violence for abortion, gun rights, or even explicitly pro-White will work precisely because saying one is pro-White takes more courage than violence does.

This blog has always condemned violence and condemned Breivik’s act when it came. McVeigh came in a previous decade, but the same condemnation applies to it.

McVeigh and Breivik lacked the courage to stand up and say they were for their own people. Thus they were doomed before they started. Moreover, even if they had, the population was as afraid as they were, and their act would only hurt their cause.



McVeigh frequently quoted and alluded to the novel The Turner Diaries; while rejecting the book’s racism,[32][47] he claimed to appreciate its interest in firearms.


In it he lays out his worldview, which includes Islamophobia, support of “far-right Zionism”[11] and opposition to feminism.[15][16] It regards Islam and Cultural Marxism as “the enemy”, and argues for the violent annihilation of “Eurabia” and multiculturalism, and the deportation of all Muslims from Europe based on the model of the Beneš decrees.[17][18]

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