Islamic Republic of San Francisco orders the hijabs back on at Abercrombie and Fitch

September 9, 2013

Judge orders Abercrombie and Fitch to let clerks wear hijabs.   How much of this is loony San Fran PC and how much of it is that the FBI can’t protect federal employees who act in a way unpopular with Muslims?

The book Slicing Sword indicates that Muslims can’t take as friends or allies Christians (and Jews) even if they seem just to Muslims.  Was this judge afraid after the Boston bombing where the FBI ignored the warnings about Chechens with resentments?

Tsarnaev “slicing sword”

What did the FBI think Russia was warning them about Chechens for?  Chechens resent the 1999 2nd Chechen war.  A simple web search shows that they blame the IMF and US for funding Chechen genocide.

Chechen genocide imf loans

Yet the FBI ignored it.  Andrei Shleifer of Harvard had already written about Chechens.

Andrei Shleifer chechens

Was the Boston shutdown to protect individual targets of further Chechens lurking south of the Turnpike?

Are judges to make their rulings in fear of Muslims because the FBI can’t protect them? And doesn’t do a good job even using the information it is given?

Also, was there a British tip prior to the Boston bombing?  Is this why David Cameron visited the FBI center in Washington and then Boston after the bombing?

The FBI has to learn all the resentments of these foreign groups against US government employees who have done things they don’t like.  This is a long and growing list.  Each one of these has to be researched in depth for the FBI to stop cases like the Tsarnaevs.  Yet, the FBI now claims it had no way of knowing that Chechens resent IMF loans and the US role in them.  Indeed, they seem to still be unaware of this basic fact.  So judges have to submit to Muslim demands.

This federal judge submitted to Islam on September 9, 2013.  Was this because September 11 is two days away?   Was this also because of Obama’s coming speech heightening the resentments of Muslims over the threatened strike against Muslims in Syria?

The Tsarnaevs resented drone strikes against Pakistan and Yemen.  Would the next ones not also resent strikes against Syria?

The Slicing Sword says that Muslims can’t take Christians as friends or allies, even if they seem just.  Would this not count double to a Christian strike on a Muslim land? Muslims can never accept such an alliance?

The Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012 were intended to drive that message home?  Just as the Boston bombing attack was?

The Muslims indicated they did not accept Amb Christopher Stevens as a friend despite his prior help to Muslims?  Muslims keep sending the message that they can’t take Christians and Jews as friends and allies even if we seem just to them.  When will the FBI get that message?  When will they tell the public?


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