Killing the Moderate Tunstall in Movie Chisum

September 10, 2013

In the movie Chisum, the moderate Henry Tunstall is killed by corrupt deputies.  This sparks a war between two rival factions.

When the moderate is killed on side X, everyone on side X says that there is no possibility of peace anymore.  This is what radicals on side Y want. They want the reaction from side X when the moderate is killed.

So if the radical Ys want to start a war with the Xs they can go kill the moderate X and then the rest of the Xs will attack.  This is what the radical Ys want.

If a person does justice to Muslims like Amb Christopher Stevens did in Libya, then killing him will provoke the Christians against the Muslims.  This is what radical Muslims want.  They want that war.  Stevens was a friend of the Muslims, a man of peace just like Henry Tunstall.

In the  movie Chisum, Billy the Kid swears non-violence on the Bible to Henry Tunstall. But when Tunstall is killed by the bad deputies, all bets are off and Billy rides.  This is just what radical Muslims hope to do.

When this happens, those who do justice to Muslims decide it is worthless, because the Muslims will attack them as much as a Koran burning “nutcase”.   This is what the radicals want.  This is the message of Slicing the Sword, which says no Christian can do justice to a Muslim and become their friend or ally.  Killing Amb Chris Stevens made that point.

As soon as a Christian (or Jew) becomes known as a friend or ally of the Muslims, radicals will target him so as to make the point, that no Christian or Jew is a friend or ally of the Muslims.


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