Putin takes mantle of responsible leader on Syria ahead of possible disclosures

September 10, 2013

Russia’s Putin has stepped into help the United States deal with Syria’s chemical weapons.  Putin takes on the role of peacemaker and responsible leader.

Putin wants to take on a responsible air and image prior to any disclosures related to Russia Plagiarism Files.  This is particularly the case with the Larry Summers impending nomination for Fed Chairman certain to lead to disclosures on this.

This will also lead to university investigations of misconduct and plagiarism and Russia’s use of them.  The FBI may be ahead of this or behind it, but either way, Putin is positioned to seem responsible and a partner for the American people.  Obama and Eric Holder may be discredited because they were caught covering up Russia Plagiarism Files to protect Larry Summers, the Clintons, Al Gore, and their many appointments to US government, IMF and World Bank of econ profs from institutions involved.

The DOJ Antitrust Division will be discredited from the case US v Microsoft to the present.  The econ profs that led it have come from the universities involved and in at least one case, been aware of at least some of it.  Putin knows who this person is.  Putin knows this will create a scandal that may bring down Holder and Obama and lead to Obama’s impeachment.

As Obama’s administration descends into chaos and paralysis, Putin is in position to emerge as the responsible world leader on arms control.  He can take the lead to deal with Iran, Pakistan and North Korea.  This can put Russia back in the driver seat in Central Asia down to the Middle East.

Even Israel may come to look to Putin as a partner over the shards of the Obama administration.

In addition, acts of terrorism may emerge by almost any group.  These will continue to discredit the alphabet soup of CIA, NSA, DHS, DOJ and FBI.  Putin will look like the man who really knows and controls intelligence and intelligence agencies.  Obama will be seen as a bumbler front man for corruption from universities and Wall Street going back to Clinton Rubin Summers in the 1990s.


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