Call for non-violence but also non-submission to Muslims and Islam

September 11, 2013

Christians should not be violent on this 9/11.  Nor Whites.  But neither should we submit to Islam.

Submission to Islam provokes more violence.  We support the first responders by not submitting to Islam.

We must oppose Muslim immigration.   Muslims consider immigration to be submission to Islam.  Muslims consider immigration to be taken by their Allah, not given out of Christian charity.

Muslims going to Sweden from Syria are a grave threat to the peace of that country.  Not just a threat, a certain attack.  Moreover, they will coordinate with Muslims in other Western countries and use it as a base.

Constantly push back against government indifference to Muslim violence, Muslim immigration, Muslim legal aggression and Muslim political aggression.

All Islam is war on Christians and Jews.  All Muslim immigration is viewed by Muslims as invasion sanctioned by their Allah and their book.

See something, say something.  Even though government officials are weary of warnings, they must hear that the Muslims they bring here are dangerous, violent, do not assimilate, but act as conquerors.  Remind this.

You must be more unPC with government officials than they can be themselves.  This is a charity to them.  Put the violent nature of Muslims in writing.  They can pass these writings on even if they can not permit the words to come from their own lips.

Let the NSA files fill with the truth about Islam. The FBI files as well.  Also local police.  Also all local officials, tell them Islam is a political ideology of invasion.  Don’t mince words in Town Halls or hold back.  Islam is an ideology of invasion and conquest.  Muslim immigration is submission to conquest.  Be accurate in your words and they will have more impact. The truth still has power even over jaded government officials (and they all are.)



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