VLADIMIR V. PUTIN A Plea for Caution From Russia

September 11, 2013

There is an op-ed in New York Times by Vladimer V. Putin.

A Plea for Caution From Russia

Putin’s op-ed reflects the growing sophistication in 2013 by Putin and Russia in managing their image. Their handling of the Boston Bombing aftermath was at times lacking. They seemed to be picking fights with the US Ambassador Stanford Prof Michael McFaul for no reason.

Putin seemed to be showing his complex with profs Berezovsky, Shleifer and McFaul. This did not make Russia look like a serious partner for peace.

Edward Snowden was Putin’s lifeline. Putin was able to transcend being focused back on his own rise to power and rivals. Instead, he became a statesman.

This is a major change for Putin. Back in 2001, Putin was pushing his need to show he was smarter than profs by taunting Stanley Fischer over getting a job in Moscow. This was to take credit for Berezovsky’s idea of pressuring Fischer for IMF loans over Fischer’s plagiarism in his Ph.D. thesis.


Putin’s Ph.D. thesis was itself full of plagiarism by the person who was hired to write it. That was revealed later. This year, Russia has been trying to curb this in. This sets up pressure on American profs who have plagiarism issues or are linked to them such as Larry Summers. It also connects to University of Chicago and Harvard where Obama has his main university links and was an employee at U of Chicago.

Putin has grown as they like to say. Putin is now the adult and peace maker. Obama is the neocon and bad boy like George W. Bush.

Obama looks not only militant and weak, but looks like he is overly influenced by Israel, AIPAC and large donors. Obama also looks like an outgrowth of the Clinton administration, including the carry over of its hidden scandals related to IMF loans to Russia in the 1990s.

Putin now is positioned ahead of Obama as representing the world on Snowden, NSA, Syria strike, US unilateral interventions, and US Supremacy. Obama is the supremacist on NSA, international borders and military action.

Obama forcing Evo Morales plane down in Vienna Austria by blocking the airspaces of France, Spain, Portugal and Italy put Obama in the clear position of “buckaroo cowboy” ie George W. Bush.

Putin now would come out ahead if Russia Plagiarism Files are revealed. Obama will seem like a criminal covering up crimes by the Clinton administration. The nomination of Larry Summers in particular would weaken Obama since then Russia could expose that Summers not only gave IMF loans to Russia to cover up misconduct by his family, but then engaged in a coverup over many years.

This coverup included concealing information during US v. Harvard, Shleifer and Hay, federal background investigations as well as universities engaging in intimidation of women to keep them quiet. This goes far beyond Summers’ comment at NBER in January 2005 while US v Harvard was pending. There are other incidents with other women. Russia knows of several of them. This will bring down Obama’s credibility completely.

The universities will be exposed in not just plagiarism, lying to the FBI, covering up in US v Harvard, corrupting regulation of financial institutions, but also in professors engaging in taking advantage of this to intimidate and harass women profs to go along with it.

This post is draft and preliminary. This is hypotheses and speculation. Restate statements as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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